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    Default My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    I've been reading about these two perfume houses for quite some time on basenotes. Finally a store opened up near me that carries these lines. The store doesn't carry all scents but they do have most. I did smell them but their were so many I was overwhelmed. Here are some of my favorite scents

    Jean Paul Gaultier- Le Male
    Lolita Lempika
    Creed--MI, SMW, GIT
    Calvin Klein-Eternity

    Are there any scents that are similar to any of these from these 2 perfumeries?

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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    I just recently went down that same road, and as far as I'm concerned, the must-try's are:

    Tea for Two, Mechant Loup, Dzing!, Fou d'Absinthe and maybe a couple others I'm forgetting...I'll come back if I remember

    Serge Lutens:
    Chergui (if you can find it), Daim Blonde, Gris Clair, Ambre Sultan, Fleurs d'Oranger, and again, maybe a couple others I'm forgetting.

    Like I said, I just finally started to feel like I had a good grasp on these two houses. Truthfully, I wasn't too impressed with L'Artisan, other than the T42. The Lutens stuff seemed to be pretty consistent - thick, super-sweet and spicy - aside from the other oddities like Daim blonde and gris clair.

    I find Serge Lutens to be kind of overpriced for such small quantities (about $120 for 50ml). The L'Artisans are more reasonable at $95 for 100ml.

    My top pick out of the whole bunch: Tea for Two.

    Good luck and keep it under control!
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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    Given that you enjoy Decalaration and Le Male, I recommend trying Mechant Loup from L'Artisan Parfumeur and Douce Amere, Rousse, and Arabie from Serge Lutens. L'Artisan Parfumeur's Fou d'Absinthe belongs to the same scent family (fougere) as Green Irish Tweed, and several of us here on Basenotes think very highly of it.

    Some of the most consistently admired scents in the two lines are Ambre Sultan, Daim Blond, Dzing!, Dzongkha, and Tea For Two, most of which are further removed from the scents you may be accustomed to.
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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    L'Artisan Bois Farine, but don't buy it blind...
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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    Ambre Sultan (Serge) and Fou de Absinthe (L'Artisan) should do nicely. If you don't like FdA then try Dzing.
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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    L'Artisan is sort of in the same world as Silver Mountain Water - except it's just 100% tea and spices - you can literalyl *see* a 3-Dimensional tea bag appearing out of the fragrant vapour as the thing devellops. It's just great.

    A "safe" first Lutens is hard to think of, besides the florals, which I'm not a huge fan of.

    The best are in the non-export line which you can only get in France. I think Bois et Fruits is totally safe and maybe the best of the whole line that I've tried. Vetiver Oriental is also tame, and beautiful - vetiver on suede.

    You should really just go try some samples.
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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    Personally, I'm not jumping on the Serge Lutens bandwagon due the $110 for 50 ml price tag. I just haven't gotten fond enough of my SL samples to justify that kind of extreme pricing. If your heart is set on getting one though, I'd go with Ambre Sultan or Gris Clair, with the Ambre being (by far) the safer choice.

    As far as L'Artisan goes, I think this is definitely a house to try out. I have had none of the longevity issues a few others have mentioned. My favorites are Dzing!, Passage d'Enfer and Fou d'Absinthe. Tea for Two is nice, but it just smells like I've been making chai and rubbing it all over myself. Passage d'Enfer has a church incense vibe, but unlike Avignon, falls short of literally smelling like mass. Dzing! has the comforting smell of warm cozy pets to me, which may not be to everyone's taste, but I LOVE it. I really don't know how to describe Fou d'Absinthe, except that it's terrific (and is also more expensive than the other two L'Artisans I'm recommending, BTW).

    Happy shopping.

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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    Thank you everyone for your replies. I will probably go this weekend to sample your suggestions.

    I do remember (I think it was a Serge Lutens) that minded me of Scotch. I am a big Scotch fan. I know it may sound funny to some of you on why I would want to smell like alcohol but Scotch in my opinion is similar to cologne/fragrances. Different scotchs taste and smell different. Some have hints of chocolate. Some have a fruity taste and smell. Some are even florally.

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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    Which one was like scotch? Ambre Sultan? Definitely curious!
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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    Serge Lutens: Ambre Sultan and Cedre.
    L'Artisan: NONE! I just dont get this line. Ah well, I admit Tea for Two is alright, I wish it was a bit less harsh, smoother, and creamier =)

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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    Serge Lutens: One extremely sugary-spicy oriental (Arabie), and one traditional fare (Encens et Lavande).

    L'Artisan: Not a big fan of this line, but you can start off with the usual suspects ( Tea for two, Dzing! )

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    Default Re: My first Serge Lutens or L'Artisan

    I am not sure which one smelled similar to scotch. I know the sales person just kept on showing me scent after scent without taking her time so I was pretty confused on what was what. It may be Amber Sultan or Cedre. I will have to check those out this weekend and let you guys know.
    I tried Tea for two and there was a note in there that was odd(didn't like) to me but the dry down was a lot nicer. Dzing I did like.
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