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    Default vienna perfume shops

    Do you know any? I'm gonna be for the New Year's Eve in Vienna and I was planning to do some perfume shopping. Thx!

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    Default Re: vienna perfume shops

    I did a lot of walking around there several months ago, and found quite a few biggish shops carrying standard stuff. There weren't any good sales. And the 75ml bottles of Creed seemed cost more than the 125ml bottles back home.

    I didn't buy any scents there.

    That said, the place was otherwise great. Just beware of where you are walking. They have bike paths over all the footpaths, and the cyclists fly around them at great speed, and I nearly got bowled over a few times.
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    Default Re: vienna perfume shops

    Hi whitechandoo,


    I will laso be in Vienna from Jan 3rd to 6th, so we may be standing side by side at the perfume bar!

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