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    Red face jolly ole saint nick

    Saint Nick here:

    I want to give a special treat to a good little basenoter this year to show my appreciation for the site and for the forum which has given me hours of entertainment and information so here goes nothing:

    In recognition of the holiday season, i will offer you guys this--the first guy, or girl, who can PM the right answer to the following question will recieve the following goodie bag from Santa's sleigh:
    Body Kouros
    Davidoff Silver Shadow
    Dunhill(not the old school one)
    Fred Hayman Hollywood
    Dkny Red Delicious
    The dreamer by versace

    Ok here are the rules: You must answer this simple question...Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of what? Be careful because their maybe more than one thing...depending upon who answers first and fully, will win....but if i dont get the full answer, i will give partial credit...i would like to reward one or two individuals as postage can get steep for Saint Nick...answer soon!

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    Nicky Lauda?

    Hey, I'm sure I'm the winner .... eh --- what did I win??? ooohhh no, not un umbrella again. :brolly:

    decant sales:
    Crystal Flacon

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    ...of the sailors (at least in my country)
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Last edited by Circa1905; 28th November 2007 at 11:15 PM.

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    thrax and circa 1905 both win....they both gave answers at just about the same time and gave the most complete to be fair i will divy up the goodie bag and send it your way.

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