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Thread: Unisex Frags

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    Cool Unisex Frags

    Unisex to wear them? I know that's an odd, poorly worded question, but seriously. I like Noir Epices, but I can understand, and even agree with anyone who says it shouldn't be unisex, that it should be a female frag. But I think that a confident male is able to pull this off without hesitation. I'd like to think I'm one of those guys, but I'm not so sure. Are there any other great unisex frags out there that consistently either toe the line between male and female, or that lean more towards a man's side? From my understanding, it seems that most unisex frags are sweeter or stickier than average male frags. Thanks for your help.


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    I think terms like "for men" or "for women" are only simple semantics questions. I think when we thought one scent must be a women or men's scent, the absolute reason is the notes in it which causes this sensation. I think It's really subjetive, very individual...

    For example, when I try all kind of scents with a prominent, discernible "peach-apricot note", like Daim Blond, Coco Mademoiselle, etc, all I can think it's "great, but... not for me - better on a woman".

    But, with another supossed feminine - so girly scents, I don't feel the same. I love the fruit gum-tuberose accord of Carnal Flower, and, by the way, Noir Epices is one of my true loves and I wear with regularity: I love the metallic orange note, his unsweetened spices, and the sophistication of his sandalwood-patchouli drydown. I think it's femenine? I think it's great, and I feel a true gentleman wearing this.

    Not sexes, only tastes...
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    Default Re: Unisex Frags

    Very, very good "answer" to my question. I'll approach my sniffing from this point of view from now on. With considerations, of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexChesbro View Post
    Are there any other great unisex frags out there that consistently either toe the line between male and female, or that lean more towards a man's side?
    Yes. Head straight to the Incense Series by Comme des Garcons. All five (5) scents are outstanding (if you like incense fragrances). My favorite is Avignon.

    Having said that, you should try to 'let go' of the need to have any scent be classified solely for a man, woman or unisex - and just let your nose decide what you like to wear. I own many scents marketed and sold to women and find them as equally fascinating and important to me as those marketed and sold to men.

    If you don't believe me, next time you pass by a bottle of Mitsouko by Guerlain, spray some on your arm. You'll see what I mean.
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    Well, you wear them just like any other scents. There are many scents that are marketed to men while smelling the same or much more feminine than some scents for women. So this labeling does not make much sense.
    I would recommend Gaultier 2 and Un Jardin Meditteranee and anything from comme Des Garcons.

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    If you feel nervous about wearing something, it'll show.
    I think thats really more important than caring if something is for gerlz or boyz or both.

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