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    Default Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    Another year and another Christmas.This year I really wanted to give my mom a scent. .I know she likes Coco Chanel Mademoiselle,J'adore,Sensi,Pleasures and she has mentioned that she likes Private Collection by Estee Lauder.The only "problem"is that her sister wears Private Collection ,so she feel ackward walking around with the same scent.So...guess my question is,any good ideas for a scent?She's 56,loves handmade,colourful clothes,she's very social and work as a nurse. She used to like JPG Classique,but now she finds it too sweet.She also thinks that L'instant de Guerlain is too sweet.No 5 is too "oldfashion" she thinks.She doesn't live in the same city as me,and sadly I won't go there this year,so would prefer to actually get her something concrete(but with the opportunity to switch it if she likes) So any good ideas?
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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    What about the following mainstream scents... they should be easy to get.

    Bvlgari pour Femme
    Bvlgari Blu Notte
    Givenchy Ange or Demon
    Flower by Kenzo or Flower Oriental by Kenzo
    Prada Infusion d'Iris
    Narciso Rodrigues for Her
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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    I'd also add Bvlgari Rose Essentielle. I love that one, a great rose and not too sweet!
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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    You are fortunate to have a bright, vibrant and happy mom and I'm sorry you can't be home for the holidays this year. I'm not sure which scent would suit her, but pick a store that has a branch close to her and insist that the SA include a generous sample so she can test before opening.
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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    Cartier Le baisier du dragon edt (or edp for a more rosey heart note): chic, lively chypre with floral and gourmand hints. I gave it to my mom for her Bday and she totally loved it and she's pretty the same age as your mom.
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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    If Private Collection smells good on her sister, perhaps they have a similar chemistry and it will be a great scent for your mom, as well! I'd like it if me and my sisters wore the same scent!

    If she likes greens, for something soft, try Sabi (my mom likes this one). For something quite a bit stronger (green chypre), maybe Eau de Soir. Chanel 19 might be a little too dry from how you've described her preferences. Also, how about First? It's another one my mom wears and I love it! It somehow reminds me of PC. Not sure if they share any notes at all in common.

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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    I think Kyra's approach is absolutely right.

    Gres Cabaret - salty rose with a satisfyingly interesting complexity - not too sweet.
    Madame Rochas - ambery oriental with a soapy middle note that stops things getting too funky & keeps it interesting.
    Yves Rocher Voile d'Ambre - a great frag and so inexpensive it's a shame not to have a 15ml handbag size knocking around to spritz on when leaving work and make her feel a bit special.
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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    Today I got my mom a gift certificate at a perfumery.Will put some samples in the envelope as well.The shopping assistant was a bit difficult when it comes to give away samples*hmf*,but she did give me samples of Midnight Poison and Omnia Crystalline...Will have to dig in my drawers to see if I find more she needs to try as well

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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    Sounds wonderful! Nice idea, Ineespenes I bet she'll love it.
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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    A brilliant approach Ine. She'll love you for it and also love the thoughtfulness of the samples, I'm sure.
    And you can post her a list of the frags you think she might like to test.
    What about Jicky?
    Or Eau Des Merveilles?
    Both are fresh but with more to them. Oh and scrub Madame Rochas - I think she'd probably find it old-fashioned.
    I gave my Mum a bottle of Fleur de Rocaille (the old one from Scent of a Woman) and she loved it. (She's a 75-year-old gardening fiend and more active than me.)
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    Default Re: Perfume for a colourful mom:)

    It's too costly-
    But Guerlain's Sous Le Vent, or Vega would be a knockout on her.
    Neither is too sweet, and they're great- timeless, classy.

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