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    Default something classy as a gift

    I'd like to chose a fragrance and give it as a gift. She is 45, dark haired, Mediterranean type. Prefers to wear classic YSL suits for office-evening wear, and D&G jeans-based outfits with high heels for casual summer wear. She is not into perfumes, the ones she had were given to her as gifts by someone else. she liked the "bitterness" of "Moschino cheap and chick", "Magie Noire" and "Opium", but most women liked these fragrances, as far as i know, so I don't think it says something about her taste. What I do know for sure is that she doesn't like cloying and fruity stuff. The one she uses now is "Dior Dune", there is something about It, but I don't think she's impressed with it. I think she liked M7's mid notes, when I had it on me.

    So what would you recommend? I think it shouldn't be too formal, but classy, expansive-smelling and maybe a bit oriental, but not something that causes headache. It's going to be a blind buy, so I'd like to be something that is body-chemistry safe, with a low risk of turning into something horrible on her skin.

    I have no idea how most woman’s fragrances smell, I've seen a few ads and I think something like "D&G" Sicily, or Gucci EDP, would suit her, but again, I judge these flags by ad campaigns, and I've never smelled them.

    I can't afford to buy a full bottle of Opium this time, so it has to be not so expansive.

    Any help or advice appreciated.
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    Default Re: something classy as a gift

    Cabochard Grès
    a bitter great classic not expensive
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    Default Re: something classy as a gift

    Edit: I didn't look at your country of origin before giving suggestions. Not everything she likes has a bitter note, but they are heavier orientals. I think she might like Badgley Mischka, but I don't know what things cost where you are. A mini set by Guerlain or Boucheron might give her enjoyment and be a fairly safe bet. Or how about Theorema by Fendi or Dolce & Gabanna? You might just look for a pretty box to give her if you can't find a perfume discounter in your area, they are all generally in the same price range as Opium.
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