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    Thumbs up Bigelow Chemists

    I'm writing to convey my great satisfaction with "Bigelow Chemists" (C.O. BIGELOW Apothecaries -

    After reading suggestions from several Basenotes members on a different thread, I decided to order "Eucris EdT" by Geo. F. Trumper.
    Bigelow Chemists had it for $60 which is $8 less than the other online 'chemist' offering it (hard to come by here in 'The States').

    I placed the order using a $50 Visa giftcard and asked that they contact me for another card number to cover the difference. I know that many retailers consider this too much of a hassle, however, Bigelow Chemists called promptly and were very polite to deal with.

    I paid $6 for UPS ground shipping from NY to SC and received my order about 48 hours after I placed it. I am pleased that Bigelow didn't inflate the shipping costs, and were very prompt in processing my order despite me splitting the payment.

    Bigelow also sent along a sample of some Marvis, Classic Mint toothpaste, Grether's Pastilles lozenges - black currant flavored, and a foil of C.O Bigelow's very own "Chapped Hand Remedy # 1012".

    I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.

    Be well,

    I have no financial interest in C.O. Bigelow, just a happy customer.

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    Default Re: Bigelow Chemists

    I've ordered shaving products from them before, great service and quick!
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    Default Re: Bigelow Chemists

    I recently purchased their 032 Bay Rum Cologne 3.4 oz spray SNIB from an EbayExpress seller, shipping included, for less than $30. A really nice Bay Rum it is too.
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    Default Re: Bigelow Chemists

    Very classy seller. They always give nice free samples too...

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    Default Re: Bigelow Chemists

    +1 on the Bigelow Bay Rum.

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    Default Re: Bigelow Chemists

    Bigelow is a sub of Limited Brands, the folks who brought you Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret.

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