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    Default Just discovered Clarins skin treatments

    And my skin feels AMAZING. Best it's ever felt. So deeply clean and fresh and moisturized. I'll admit that I've had some skin problems, this cranky "combination skin" that's oily AND dry. It's been rough.

    I ended up blowing $120 my first trip and I have another $200 of stuff I plan to get. I'm even a broke college student, but I consider this money very well spent.

    Obviously not receiving any kickbacks (how would that even work?). I just want to share the love.

    My discovery was 100% thanks to a recommendation for a Clarins fragrance from Basenotes.

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    Default Re: Just discovered Clarins skin treatments

    Clarins always do amazingly well in blind testing.

    I have used the brand and it is so easy to fall in love with. You always get super sample sizes and they are always willing to give.

    Actually using their extra firming night cream for all skin types at the moment.

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