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    Default Re: I'm a guy but I like women's perfumes better...

    Don't wory about what people think - there are many of us males here on BN who enjoy wearing "women's" fragrances. I prefer EDPs over EDTs and colognes so naturally I gravitate toward the women's fragrance counter frequently since that's where most of the EDPs are. I love Tom Ford's Black Orchid and Guerlain's Mitsouko. I also understand that Chanel's #19 is very wearable for a man. Good luck and just remember that you have a lot more scents to choose from than the guys who refuse to wear anything marketed as a "female" fragrance.
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    Default Re: I'm a guy but I like women's perfumes better...

    I tend to agree with the theory that all (or most) scents are unisex anyway and that gender-based divides of scents is a relatively new (at least, compared to the multi-millennial fragrance history) trend, mainly invented and/or endorsed by marketing, as well as other social and economic imperatives.

    Also, incidentally, some female scents are extremely suitable for unisex wear and could be easily pulled of by some or even most men (the aforementioned No. 19, but also Bvlgari Jasmin Noir, some Tom Ford, some of the green tea-based female scents etc. immediately come to my mind).
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    Default Re: I'm a guy but I like women's perfumes better...

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterK View Post
    Wear what you want.

    I tend to shy away from the heavy use of aldehydes & certain florals which tend to pop up in women's frags, so I gravitate towards mens frags.

    There are a few womens ones which I'd wear:

    Miss Dior
    Eau des Marvellies
    Safari (I think it's really close to Tabac Original. I get shouted out on the mens board when I mention that men could wear it.)
    Opium (way better than the hideous men's version)

    Bandit (I used to have it)

    BTW, sooner or later someone will recommend Black Cashmere to you. I haven't tried it.

    Alright: I recommend Black Cashmere (Donna karen)

    I also think you should sniff:

    Creed d'Amalfi
    Tom Ford Black Orchid
    Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    Amouage Jubilation, Epic and Interlude (all Woman versions)

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