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    Default Cologne for the dad

    I went out yesterday and sampled a bunch of different colognes and found two for myself (Jaipur por Homme and Xeryus Rouge -- I didn't get to sample YSL's Body Kouros, all three stores I went to didn't have any... I might just have to blind buy this if it's that rare!) but I came across Heritage, by Guerlain, and I thought to myself, my god, this is a magnificent cologne. I'm 18 years old though, and that kind of rich and deep woodsy fragrance is way too much for someone my age, it just wouldn't work. It's something that would work well for my dad... and so I was wondering, does anybody have any recommendations for colognes that are similar to Heritage? There's such a depth and smoothness of spice that mixes together so well, that it's not overpowering... which is hard to come across.

    If anybody is interested in knowing, here are the other colognes I sampled... none really stood out except Vetiver Roma Uomo, and Minotaure. Vetiver was my favorite out of those three, but it didn't make it to the top two.

    Estee Lauder -- Lauder for Men
    Guerlain -- Vetiver
    Guerlain -- Heritage
    Yves Saint Laurent -- Body Kouros
    Bvlgari Extreme
    Versace -- Versace l'Homme
    Givenchy -- Xeryus Rouge
    Boucheron -- Jaipur
    Paloma Picasso -- Minotaure
    Laura Biagiotti -- Roma Uomo
    Hermes -- Terre D'hermes
    Thierry Mugler -- A*Men
    Burberry London
    Burberry Brit
    On a side note, I was kind of dissapointed with Terre d'Hermes, but maybe I'll go sample it again. I really was looking forward to it after I heard so much about it, but I didn't care for it much when I smelled it. Perhaps it was because I was in the busiest mall on the busiest day of one of the busiest weekend of the year, and everybody was spraying colognes around me, so I didn't really get a clean whiff.

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    Default Re: Cologne for the dad

    The problem with coming up with a decent reply to your inquiry, of course, is that Heritage, , is a masterpiece. It is outstanding in all aspects, as you have found, and that it would be hard to really find a close comparison that is somehow lighter, or whatever would meet your needs. The obvious response might be: try a lighter dose, no? There may just be no good answer. By the way if you think Heritage is "overpowering" you'd better think twice about Kouros as a safe blind buy. It is a super powerhouse frag.

    Good luck, and sorry I couldn't come up with a good option for you. Gave it a lot of thought, but didn't have one. If something comes to me, I will post here again. Good luck and let us know if you find something. A lot of this is searching and finding for one's self.

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    Default Re: Cologne for the dad

    I think your dad would enjoy Chanel - Antaeus or maybe on the pricey side but Creed - Bois Du Portugal
    Also mate it is very hard to appreciate the more sophisticated frags when only sprayed on a card. Make a short list of 2-4 and try them on your skin to experience the fantastic dry downs and development.
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    Default Re: Cologne for the dad

    My Dad's favorite scent is Rose far this is the one he cherishes more than any other.

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    Default Re: Cologne for the dad

    I think most anything from Chanel, older Dior or Givenchy would work as refined classics.

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    Default Re: Cologne for the dad

    I recommend Parfums de Nicolai New York or Gucci Envy for your dad.

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