I saw mention of this cologne in another thread but thought it deserved its own. Has anyone tried PC Black yet? In my cologne quest today I came across it in Perfumania. I was smelling so many scents today that even the scent of coffee beans smelled like it should be bottled to me.

I am holding the tester strip right now and it occurred to me that it smells like a toned down version of Sean John Unforgivable (or Creed Silver Mountain Water to my nose). SJ Unforgivable is a scent I like, but it's very overpowering. It's like the speaker in "Spinal Tap" but it definitely goes to 11 and stays there. PC Black is a similar smell but it stays at 7.

I wish I had sprayed it on my skin though.

I'd love to hear other opinions on it. I think I'm going to get a bottle.