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    Thumbs up Angel "La Part des Anges"

    I got to try this on my skin today, at my local department store, Bentalls in Kingston-upon-Thames, UK. Unlike Selfridges and Harrods who didn't have testers of this on display, Bentalls had one sitting out on the shelves of their fragrance department. I gave myself a couple of generous dabs on the wrists and walked around for rest of the day to properly test it out.

    I'm totally in love with this. I am a big Angel fan, it having been my first chosen fragrance when I was 14. However i've been wearing it less and less over the years as I've become a full fledged fragrance addict with many more products in my scent wardrobe. La Part des Anges made me fall in love again reminding me of my first sniff of Angel all those years ago.

    On my skin it has a more rich honeyed feel than Angel, with only a hint of patchouli. It remains rich, deep and soft with a ripe sweet haze gently lingering over the skin. There isn't a huge development or change in the skin just a gradual fading of the scent over time. It also lacked the slight dusty off scent that Angel sometimes fades to on me. Being an extrait de parfum, it remains close to the skin with a great lasting power but doesn't have the standard Angel monster sillage.

    I've never experienced straight Angel extrait de parfum so I can't compare it to that but it feels different enough to normal Angel to have me seriously lemming this. It was only with great will power that i stopped myself jumping back on the bus to the store to buy this when I got home and I haven't stopped thinking about it all of today. I'm definitely going to buy a bottle of this in the next few days: my planned purchase of Creed Spring Flower can wait! Besides, La Part des Anges is limited so I want to snap it up whilst I can.

    The bottle is very bling, but feels lovely and weighty. My only concern is that i can't refill it with the juice when I'm done as it's limited edition. I believe even Angel extrait de parfum seems to have limited availability.

    Bentalls also had a tester bottle of the old Caprice de Star out (another limited edition Angel extrait de parfum bottle) but it was empty and I couldn't find the actual product out to buy. Probably just as well. I'm going through a serious extrait de parfum phase at the moment and seeing the Tom Ford Black Orchid Lalique parfum bottle for sale tipped me over the edge: I had to walk out of the store before I bankrupted myself! I've also got Marc Jacobs extrait on my wish list. Well a girl can dream

    I did treat myself to a 25ml travel spray of Thierry Mugler cologne for my hand bag, my favourite skin scent. At £18 it seemed like loose change compared to the prices of Black Orchid and La Part des Anges.

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    Default Re: Angel "La Part des Anges"

    I bought the extrait not long ago and also tried the Part des Anges not long after. The difference isn't too pronounced but the Part des Anges is, to my nose, a bit darker, if that makes sense. The Angel extrait is softer but also very honeyed and gorgeous. PdA is more boozy, to my nose. I would wear both, but having spent a fortune on the Angel extrait, I couldn't justify getting PdA as well (not when Narcisse Noir is still tugging at my sleeve, at any rate!)

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    Default Re: Angel "La Part des Anges"

    I'm going to get it tomorrow as they're sold out at Harrods and Selfridges so I think i'll try and get it whilst I can at Bentalls I've been craving the scent and keep getting fantasy sniffs of it throughout the day which is impossible as I smelt is at the weekend! True scent lust. Thanks for the comparison of the Angel extrait. I'll try and get my hands on it next time it's released.

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    Default Re: Angel "La Part des Anges"

    I am getting the Angel body creme on saturday.

    My friend is an sa for Mugler, there is a new version of Alien coming in the new year and later a new Rockin Angel and a men's fragrance too.

    Congratulations on your purchases.

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    Default Re: Angel "La Part des Anges"

    Any more info on the new Alien and Rockin Angel? (hrmm...)

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    Default Re: Angel "La Part des Anges"

    Quote Originally Posted by Indiscreet View Post
    Any more info on the new Alien and Rockin Angel? (hrmm...)
    Well she has sniffed the new Alien, but didn't comment much. No idea what the bottle will look like?

    Rockin Angel(she says its called Rockin something, so I added Angel). Hasn't had training on that one.

    The new men's which sounds interesting is similar to A*Men but more dark coffee and woods.

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    Default Re: Angel "La Part des Anges"

    OOoh. Rockin' angel sounds fun. I heard about the "Mirroir Mirroir" collection coming out from Mugler/Clarins next year but not about the new Alien and Angels.

    I got my bottle of La Part des Anges today

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