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    Default LV Musk vs. Dzongkha

    I really like the rose scent in both of these, but they are quite different. Which do you prefer and why?

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    Default Re: LV Musk vs. Dzongkha

    LV Musk. I never warmed up to Dzongkha--just had too weird of an opening for me. The LV Musk isn't a clean musk, making it a bit more masculine in my opinion and the rose note, while there and detectable, isn't a "oh my God I smell roses" rose note, if you know what I mean.

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    Default Re: LV Musk vs. Dzongkha

    I have not smelled LV Musk, but I did give Dzonghka alteast three good full wearings before I realized I could not wear it. It's salty vinegar note ruined it and I got very little incense (to my nose). In addition, I got absolutely no rose.

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    Default Re: LV Musk vs. Dzongkha

    It's so interesting how different people's noses are! I find LV Musk very rosey and powdery with just a trace of musk and I definitely get significant rose in Dzongkha once it has dried down.

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