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    Default The best Perfume (not Edt, Edp)

    I almost haven't smelled scents in perfume form.
    I read that the best materials go to make perfumes (not edt, edp)

    What are the best women scents in perfume concentration?
    You can not prove the beauty, but show it. Either you see or you don't. Darkness - for the blinds.
    Real beauty: 1) Frederic Malle 1-20 2) Chanel Egoiste 3) YSL Opium pour Homme edp 4) TF Noir de Noir
    Noses: 1) Jacques Cavallier 2) Maurice Roucel

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    Default Re: The best Perfume (not Edt, Edp)

    Caron's Tabac Blond
    Auguste's Esprit de Cuir
    Auguste's Esprit de Chine
    Auguste's Esprit de Chypre
    Guerlain's Mitsouko

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    Default Re: The best Perfume (not Edt, Edp)

    Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue
    YSL's Opium
    Dior's Diorissimo
    Lanvin's Arpège
    Balenciaga's Le Dix
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