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View Poll Results: MEN ONLY! How do You Count Your Wardrobe?

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  • Samples and up

    4 3.03%
  • Decants/Minis and up (usually 4 or 5ml +)

    15 11.36%
  • Any size (not samples) that has the company logo on it (i.e. a 5ml Mini, but not a 10ml decant)

    6 4.55%
  • Large official complimentary sizes and up (i.e. Montale 20ml bottles, Lutens 15ml)

    19 14.39%
  • Standard sized sale bottles only (usually 30ml+ though some houses differ)

    88 66.67%
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    Default Re: MEN ONLY! How do You Count Your Wardrobe?

    Only official bottles that are above average decant bottle size. So, anything 15ml or above (and is an official bottle) counts - a good example would be those 15ml SL bottles. But then again, I always ensure that I own at least 50ml of anything in my wardrobe...

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    Default Re: MEN ONLY! How do You Count Your Wardrobe?

    I only have, and only, therefore count, bottles that are 100ml or 125ml, unless the largest bottle made in that fragrance was 75ml. All in all, I now have 965. I quit at 1000. I swear.
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    Default Re: MEN ONLY! How do You Count Your Wardrobe?

    While I don't have a huge wardrobe, I own enough scents, and wear them lightly enough, that I go through bottles very slowly. So I'm happy to have the smallest available bottles -- if I can track down 1-ounce bottle, or a half ounce (like the DSH purse sprays), that's great, and it seems silly not to count them as part of my wardrobe when they're exactly what I want to have in it. I happen not to have any bottles smaller than 1 ounce at the moment.

    I don't count samples because they're typically just about gone by the time I've made up my mind about them.

    I don't enjoy having decants, really -- none at present or in my future plans. The packaging means a lot less to me than the juice inside, but it's still part of the pleasure of owning and using this stuff.
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    Default Re: MEN ONLY! How do You Count Your Wardrobe?

    Quote Originally Posted by foetidus View Post
    If I listed samples, I'd have almost 2,000.
    That makes me feel much better.

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