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    Default Aramis Havana - Availability.

    Hi All -- Apologies for introducing another thread regarding Havana. However, would anyone be able to confirm if it really is in limited distribution or discontinued ? I have seen much conflicting info within the forums on its availability, with some saying they are sure it is currently being produced in Switzerland and South Africa while others saying its gone for good.

    Either way, I am trying to find a reliable source to purchase the EDT. I live in Dubai and no one stocks it here unfortunately :-(

    Thanks in advance for any advice offered.

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    Default Re: Aramis Havana - Availability.

    Well some people do believe that it is still in production in South Africa because apparently it is quite easily and cheaply available there. I am not so sure about it still being in production in Switzerland.

    btw i am selling a new 100ml bottle of Havana. You can have a look at my sale thread if you like.


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    Default Re: Aramis Havana - Availability. (which many here consider very reliable) has always had Havana in one form or another since I first shopped with them in late 2004. They currently have 1.7oz EDT and Reserva in stock (according to their site). The price is consistent with those sold on eBay. Gupts is offering a better deal. Or, you could try PMing the members that supposedly can get it in Africa or Switzerland and have them purchase and ship you some. This might be considerably cheaper if the retail prices are still reasonable. Please report back on this thread if the latter suggestion works out. I would love to hear further testimonial as to the existence of the mysterious Swiss & S. African Havana.

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    Default Re: Aramis Havana - Availability.

    Havana is still widely available here in South Africa. Aramis is actually selling a gift set consisting of the 50ml EdT and a deodorant spray (I've forgotten the size) during the festive season at a good price, which is cheaper than what Perfumebay is selling the EdT (at the current exchange rate)
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    Default Re: Aramis Havana - Availability.

    Bloomingdales in NYC sells all of the Aramis products and the manager tells me Havana is NOT available, and that if it were he would have gotten it. Actually, he like most people can not speak in the proper subjunctive, but I am translating.
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    Default Re: Aramis Havana - Availability.

    I bought Havana & Havana Reserva from perfumebay recently. I've heard about Havana still being available in Switzerland & South Africa, although according to basenotes Havana Reserva is 100% discontinued... BTW, the bottles I got from perfumebay were from Switzerland...

    On a side note perfumebay also carries the original (1934) Dunhill for Men...

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    Default Re: Aramis Havana - Availability.

    One of the main distributors of Estee Lauder here in Tehran, has the whole line of Aramis, including Havana (both original and reserva). Interestingly they claimed that Havana is in production! I'm not sure but I think they told me their bottles were produced in UK!
    Also when a perfume is in the shelves in Tehran, I guess it should be available in Dubai!

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    Default Re: Aramis Havana - Availability.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback.

    Jellybean1973 -- I have sent you a PM.

    msi_21 -- It could be in Dubai burried in a shop somewhere but I have given up looking. I have been to Faces & Areej (our Sephora) & to many (at least 10) of those small competitively priced Indian-owned shops that do the parallel importing. I usually buy from the later because they have a much wider variety and get a lot of hard-to-find stuff. Also, their prices are much cheaper than the big guys (about half the price of rrp). The better smaller shops have a strong following with the local Arab population (who are usually very pedantic about quality) and this means the stock is constantly turning and is fresher.

    I will let you know how we go ....
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