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    Default Oilbased scents 5% dilution is very weak?

    My name is Dennis and I have frequented this board very irregular... The board says I last visited 10th March 2006....but I have been a member of this board for a long time.

    I have ha an interest in making my own scents for a really long time now, but things got in the way as life use to and I never really got myself going, just thinking about starting.."Any day soon now I should get some lab-equipment and start experimenting"

    Sure, I read a lot of really good books (since I write this from my office I have to go home to get all the titles and ISBNs if you are interested), but I never really did try to make my own scents.

    Recently though I got out and bought a very basic setup eg. test-tubes, pipettes and a safety goggles (!).

    To not ruin myself, I started out with some basic essential oils, mainly base notes oils, since I gathered that I should try to blend the different notes by themselves and then combine them later on.

    So I bought Indian Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Benzoine, Rosewood and Olibanum.
    As a carrier oil I bought a small supply of Jojoba oil.

    I got all the stuff yesterday and eager as I am I just wanted to test it out to see how it would be...

    I mixed 6 drops of Sandalwood, 4 of Benzoine and 1 of Olibanum to test with.
    (I realised after that that Sandalwood takes over the scent almost completely after a while so I will try to lower the amount of Sandalwood when I start for "real".)

    As I wanted to test this on my skin, I took 19 drops of Jojoba and 1 drop of my mix, which would be a 5% dilution, mixed it and left it over night.

    This morning I took some of this on my wrists to see how just these basenote oils would evolve on my skin.
    I have read that the 5% dilution is recommended from a safety poiint of view, but the scent was very weak and lasted only approx 2-3 hours on my wrists.

    Now 5 hours after applying this diluted scent I can barely smell it, despite that the drydown for Sandalwood should be much longer.

    Is this 5% dilution something that doesn´t apply when you blend EO with a carrier oil?

    I will whip out my old books and go through them again to make sure, but if anyone of you have any input or advise I will happily take them!

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    Default Re: Oilbased scents 5% dilution is very weak?

    5% is a very weak dilution for something like Sandalwood which is not a strong smelling oil. The books you're referring to are probably addressing safety when using oils for aromatherapy (in aromatherapy you may be applying essential oils over a larger area of skin than you would apply a perfume).

    In perfumery, you would typically dilute your composition to 15 to 25% or higher for parfum concentration, but of course you still have to be aware that certain oils can't be used above a certain percentage due to skin irritation, sensitization risk, etc.

    An all-natural perfume, very generally speaking, isn't expected to last as long on your skin as one containing synthetics, and in fact 4 hours is good performance for a natural perfume. To make it last longer, try applying a bit to fabric (since you're using oil you'll want to choose an inside seam or somewhere the stain won't show) or to your hair or beard.

    Another consideration is oil vs. alcohol as your diluent - you won't get much lift or diffusion with oil, it damps down many notes, so you may want to consider experimenting with alcohol as well.

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    Default Re: Oilbased scents 5% dilution is very weak?

    Thanks Caribou55313,
    I will do a test this weekend and dilute it to 15% and 20% to see the difference.

    // d
    I actually tested at 25% dilution (5 drops of EO to 15 drops of Jojoba), but tweaked the mix a little to 6 drops of Benzoine, 4 drops of Sandalwood, 2 drops of Olibanum and 2 drops of Cedarwood.

    The scent is more prominent now, but still somewhat faint in my humble opinion and still lasts very few hours. I have understood that if I change the carrier from oil to alcohol (I have Everclear ) the scent would be stronger, but would it last longer too?

    I will now starting to mix Middle notes and Top notes separately and then mix these together with the Basenote. Hopefully the Top- and Middle-note will enhance the drydown of the scent...

    I will keep you posted...
    I have at last also got my blog up and running....where I talk about my feeble attempts...

    Check it out at:
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    Default Re: Oilbased scents 5% dilution is very weak?

    I updated my blog with my tries at a Heart- respective Top-note

    // d
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