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    Default Recs please! The very best FOs/EOs/Aromachemicals that smell like..

    1. SALT. What is the note that mimics that "salty air" smell? No, not "the sea"; specifically "salt." I don't want any water notes. Is there a "salty" aromachemical used in certain accords or FOs that anyone can identify?

    2. SUGAR. Not brown sugar, white sugar. Cotton candy, not maple syrup. A real cavity-inducing smell that is umistakably "white" and nothing like Aquolina's Pink Sugar. No vanilla, no cream, no lemony dry-down: a note that reminds you of the time you opened up your grandmother's 5 lb bag of pure white sugar and took a whiff.

    3. METAL. Cold, silver, robotic, almost ozonic. Not brassy or dirty like oily cogs or an autoshop, but a smell that captures the image of raw, shining mineral.

    4. DRAGON'S BLOOD. I'm looking for recommendations -- who makes the best FO? Who sells the best original? Dragon's blood comes in many "flavors", so tell me whatcha got!

    5. OZONE. Not watery or "clean". I'm looking for something that smells like the air does just after lightning strikes. Pure, pure ozone, colored ultraviolet and white: disconcerting, alien, but somehow comforting.

    6. MUSHROOM. Cepes is expensive. What's the best dupe out there?

    That's all for now, but there may be more later. Don't hold back, tell me everything -- I've been desperately searching for months and need your advice! If you've run across what you think I'm looking for, what is it called and where can I get it?

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    Default Re: Recs please! The very best FOs/EOs/Aromachemicals that smell like..

    SALT - Dunno, wish I did.

    SUGAR - You want maltol.

    METAL - I don't think the scent you describe - this ideal of a "silvery metal" - really exists. Can you name a real, physical object, preferably one in your possession, that smells like what you want?

    That said, there's a chemical that's formed when we touch some metals (notably iron) that has a smell that we associate with metal. A bit of research should dig up the name. Otherwise, I've found that safraleine has kind of an "old metal heating element" smell at high doses. Isoamyl salicylate has kind of a metallic quality to it, and dihydromyrcenol has been described (accurately) as "lavender spilled on an aluminum counter".

    DRAGON'S BLOOD - I have some of the actual resin, and let me tell you: it doesn't have much of a smell. Even when you burn it as incense, it mostly just smells resinous, like old circuit boards or burning plastic. I think you're chasing a myth.

    OZONE - The most "ozonic" chemical I know of is helional, but it doesn't really smell like ozone to me; it's kind of a light, subtly lemony fresh scent.

    MUSHROOM - I dunno, maybe matsutake alcohol? I don't expect it will smell like cepes particularly, but then, I don't know what matsutake alcohol smells like to begin with.

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