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    Hello everyone. I'm not an expert and not exactly creative when it comes to fragrances. I've been using Davidoff's Cool Water for as long as I can remember. I used to receive compliments on it a long time ago but I think by now everyone I'm in contact with has probably gotten used to it. To be honest, I'm kind of getting tired of it too.

    I'm going on vacations to the Caribbean this winter (it's kind of warm there) and I really want to try a new fragrance. I've been going to department stores lately and unfortunately haven't smelled anything that caught my attention. That is until I came across an old friend once and I couldn't help but to ask what he was wearing. It turned out to be Fierce. I've done some reading in Basenote before posting this thread and I've learned that Fierce isn't exactly "original" but to my surprise (close to 20 and in college) I had never smelled it before. I've also never been to A&F, although now in retrospect I can recall the scent when passing by the A&F stores.

    A friend also recommended me Acqua di Gio but I have never smelled that one so I'm not sure if I'd like it. I'd love to hear any thoughts or opinions about these perfumes. Keep in mind that none of these are popular where I'm going. I'd also like to know what are some similar fragrances and whether they're better or not, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I'm not familiar with Fierce, but Acqua di Gio and Halston Unbound for Men are very similar. Do a search for both, and I think you will find some threads that will help you answer your questions. Personally, I like the Unbound, and it can be had for cheap if you're willing to look a bit. Mine was $8.

    I have also heard comparisons between Cool Water and Creed's Green Irish Tweed, although I have yet to purchase any Creed fragrances. Hope this helps!
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    Acqua di Gio is very, very, very popular. I smell it around all the time. You will smell different than when you wore Cool Water, but you won't stand out. For that, you might want to look at a Creed scent. I know they're spendy, but I don't smell them very often.
    If you like sweet frags, you could go for Pi or Rocha's Man. I don't smell them very often either. Hope this helps.

    BTW, welcome. I am a relative newbie myself.

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    Acqua di Gio, Fierce, and Cool Water are probably the three most popular scents in America. Or close to it. I actually don't think any of them are bad, but if want to stand out, none of those if the way to go. If you're looking to smell fresh, some other, less known scents to try are:

    Mugler Cologne
    Bulgari Aqua
    Chanel Allure Homme Sport
    Bulgari Pour Homme (a little more formal, but still fresh)
    Terre d'Hermes
    Hermes Un Jardin en Méditerranée
    Givenchy Blue Label
    L'Eau Par Kenzo
    Or, like primetime34 said, you could go niche. But then you're talking some serious money.

    And just generally explore and have fun with it. Don't limit yourself to what other people suggest. On the other hand, if you REALLY like Fierce or Acqua di Gio, don't refuse to get them because of their popularity. Good luck.
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    Check out Creed's Silver Mountain Water. I think it's versatile enough to enjoy on vacation and savor when you get back.
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    If it helps, I'm sure I saw somewhere on here that Sean John's Unforgivable for men smelled exactly like one of the Creeds (Millisme Imperial?) and costs a lot less.

    So smell things and see what you like. That's the best advice. But yes, it can be a bit daunting faced with a perfume department in a store, so take Live Jazz's list and try those. See which ones make you go 'meh', which rate a 'yerch!' and hopefully which make you go 'mmmmm!'

    What would I wear if I was going to the Carribean? Creed's Virgin Island Water. But that's me. I like some coconut and lime in my life (have a smell of it of you can - amazing stuff!).
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    Thank you so much for all the helpful replies.

    I ordered samples of XS Pour Homme, Allure Homme Sport, Platinum Egoiste, Silver Mountain Water, Acqua di Gio and Fahrenheit for a start. I wanted to order some more but they were out of stock. Hopefully I'll be able to find something that I like.

    Once again, thanks a ton.
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