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    Default Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    So I've moved from Brazil to Germany, and it's almost sub-0C here by now whereas in Brazil it's hardly ever below 27C.

    I didn't bring any fragrances with me, so I have to go out shopping.

    Question is, what would be appropriate to wear in the cold? For both day and night.

    Normally, my "signature" scents are XS, CK Eternity and Terre D'Hermès.

    So, any ideas?


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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    The usual suspects are going to be M7, Dior Homme, Envy, Rive Gauche, Gucci Pour Homme, Gaultier2, Burberry London and Brit, Chanel (almost any of them). Any of those is worth sampling.

    I think XS, which you already have, would work alright in the cold.

    I'd also look at the new Narciso Rodriguez for's impressive IMO.
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    Cool Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    Escada Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    Well, if possible, separate them by night/day. I'm gonna get a few. Thanks

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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    Describe the type of fragrance you like...

    XS, Terre, Eternity are all fresh, cirtric fragrances with woody accords? Are you looking for similar character in a winter fragrance or are you looking to branch out?

    I find Cartier's Santos a very versatile cold weather fragrance. It's masculine.. warm, hint of sweet 'cuddly' to it without being cloying...

    other fragrances that have been impressing me in the Canadian tundra, thus far are:

    Burberry London (previously mentioned)
    Richard James Saville Row EDT ( lush rose, suede accord.. velvety smooth)
    Rochas Lui
    Paco Rabanne PH
    Divine's L'Homme Sage
    Escada Homme
    Lagerfeld Classic
    Halston Catalyst
    Lanvin's Arpege
    Leonard PH
    Polo Double Black

    I tend to gravitate towards the powdery/spicy/boozey warm fragrances... but if you were to indicate the type or style of the fragrance you wish to acquire, I could likely make more appropriate suggestions...

    good luck!


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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    I third Escada PH, and also suggest:

    Burberry London
    Prada Amber PH
    V Valentino for Men
    Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa
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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)


    Thanks for the suggestions. I went out and tested Burberry Brit and Gucci Envy. Didn't really like either, Brit is a little too powdery and Envy a little too huh... pungent. I don't really like powdery.

    Also, from the ones listed, I've had M7 and Rive Gauche before and I don't like either. M7 is just too artificial (like medicine) and Rive Gauche smells like cheap sun lotion to me. (Sundown anyone? hehe)

    I tested two, one in each wrist. That's the best way to do it, right?

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    You might want to try Farenheit and A*Men. Both of these are absolutely wonderful for cold weather. A*Men might seem a bit much in the store, but if you manage to snag a sample, give it a day's wearing and you might really like it.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    I'm surprised no one mentioned Opium Pour Homme Eau de Parfum! That is totally a winter fragrance. It's nice and strong, it last a great long time, it's warm and spicy. I wore it all last winter and constantly got compliments except when I put on way too much. One or two shots is plenty! I also sometimes add a shot of M7 Fresh to it to give it more sweets, but it's *the* perfect non-niche winter fragrance in my experience.
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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    Burberry London
    Chanel Egoiste
    YSL Rive Gauche
    Terre d'Hermes

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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    Hey, thanks for all the suggestion!

    Thus far I've really liked/bought Gucci pour Homme.

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    Default Re: Help newbie out in the cold! :)

    Having liked Gucci pour homme, you should check out Azzaro visit. It's another very woody, 'dry' scent, with a nice pepper accord going on which might help fend off that cold a bit.

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