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    Question best carrier oils

    Hello all- wondering what are the best- in your opinions- carrier oils? soy, grapeseed, olive, there are so many to choose from - I am looking for something- preferrably- without a scent to it- or something that will not effect the essential oils and let them stay true, and also that when blended, does well -and has a long shelf life- in a dark capped bottle. I want to find an oil that is reasonably priced and can be used for fragrance for the body and also the home- in a burner-...I know it's alot to ask but I can't decide and would love some advice! thanks! PS if i have to go with a carrier oil that has a slight fragrance to it, can I get something that covers all the other options and still is not so strong that it effects the true scent of the oils?

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    Hmmm, not sure about using it in a burner, but jojoba seems to be the most popular choice as a carrier oil. It won't go rancid like some of the others, and has no scent.

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    I agree with joxer96 that jojoba oil is a good carrier oil as it has a longer shelf life due to its richness in Vitamin E, it's also safe to use in a burner (all carrier oils and essential oils are safe to use in a burner).

    As jojoba oil is more expensive than other carrier oils, start of using almond oil to experiment. I find almond oil to have a slightly sweet smell to it by itself, but undectable once mixed with essential oils. Almond oil is also very popular as a massage oil.

    For making fragrances, go with coconut fractionated MCT. It's slow to go rancid and inexpensive. It's a very light oil, no smell and won't clog pores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuRu View Post
    Fractionated coconut oil is nice and light too but it doesn't have as good a shelf life.
    Actually, Fractionated coconut oil has a long shelf life. It's expected not to go rancid for at least 6 months if stored in proper conditions. Coconut oil on the hand doesn't have a good shelf life.

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