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    Hello, Does anyone know what is used to create milk chocolate notes? I'm aware of chocolate absolute, but I'd like to find out what is used for scents more akin to milk chocolate in particular (as opposed to dark chocolate). I.e. a creamier perhaps more unisex chocolate than the dustiness/boldness/bitterness of dark chocolate..

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    I'm not sure but I'd imagine you'd just have to mix the chocolate absolute with vanilla or tonka or something else 'creamy' to get the desired effect. Let us know if you find anything that works.

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    Exactly - vanilla absolute, tincture (extract) or tonka or coumarin, vanillin, ethyl vanillin. Milk chocolate has lots of vanillin and dairy flavor in it, not that much cocoa. Methyl laitone adds a creamy, milky sort of quality.

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    I made a chocolate accord awhile back using only ethyl phenyl acetate and vanillin. This is a basic formula for chocolate. You can substitute something else for vanillin-- such as tonka, heliotropin, coumarin, vanilla absolute, ethyl maltol etc and get different nuances. I've never messed around with chocolate absolutes etc-- it's easy to make chocolate out of ethyl phenyl acetate and anything vanillic.

    This basic formula gives a chocolate note that is something like hot chocolate. You could add blackcurrant notes to give it a bitterness, or play around with some of the lactone aldehydes to get more of a milkiness.

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    Hi y'all, thanks for the suggestions.

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