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    Default A discussion on fakes. Bond No.9 the next target?

    I guess I was inspired to write something about fakes after reading that fake Creed thread.

    I would like to think that the niche lines are safe because why would one want to capitalize on creating fakes on a smaller market demand? People began making fake Creeds because it got really popular. Creed did crazy marketing and all that jazz at one point if my memory is serving me well.

    I'd like to sadly predict that they are going to start making Bond No. 9 fakes due to the brand's increasing popularity over the past few years (if they haven't started doing so already). I've noticed an influx of potentially (gray market?) Bond No. 9 sellers on eBay. I'm really curious about this. Would anyone care to shed some light on this?

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    Default Re: A discussion on fakes. Bond No.9 the next target?

    The time and money that it would take to replicate the box and bottle would not be worth the effort for counterfeiters to replicate. They're better off making fakes of Chanel and Creed, as it is easy to fake the box and bottle. I doubt Bond No.9 fakes will come into play, there's not enough profit to be made after bottle and box expenses are factored in. Laurice made Bond No.9 counterfeit-proof, that was one of her main goals when starting the company after seeing grey marker Creeds take off in popularity. I'd love to see a convincing replica bottle of Bleecker Street or Eau de New York, it would be quite a feat.

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    Default Re: A discussion on fakes. Bond No.9 the next target?

    Bond no. 9 are probably liquidating some of their slightly old stock on Ebay. I have bought a few and they smell like they should. However...

    I don't understand this fascination with fake Creeds, fake fragrances and fake threads.

    The "Dreeg Frich Tweed" thread has lot of information on this topic but it still keeps popping up every now and then with nothing useful to contribute. The mods have also stated that this is not the place to complain about Ebay sellers.

    Perhaps the Fried Dweeb thread should be locked so that people can refer to it when they are in doubt but don't bump it needlessly.
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