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    Default Obsession and Romeo Gigli Uomo

    I just got new bottle of Obsession and it reminds me a lot of Romeo Gigli Uomo which I got few months ago. When I tested Obsession in the past I never noticed similarities. I don't really know if my bottle was produced before or after reformulation. Could it be that I got faked bottle, or the scent is too dated and turned bad? The scent seems heavier and less sweet than I remember it.

    I still like it, but I am disappointed and I don't think I need this bottle if it is that similar to Gigli.

    I had cold for a while and it is also possible that my nose is not working right at the moment.
    So, what do you think?

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    Default Re: Obsession and Romeo Gigli Uomo

    Your Obsession could have turned for Gigli Uomo and Obsession are two very diffrent smells. Funny thing is a have a bottle of Obsession from 1990 and it still sell perfect it never turned....

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