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    Question Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    A majority of my fragrances are from the 1990's and later, while a handful of them were launched in the first half of the 20th century. For example:

    1889 - Guerlain Jicky (19th century, of course)
    1904 - Guerlain Champs-Elysées
    1919 - Caron Tabac Blond
    1925 - Guerlain Shalimar
    1926 - Chanel Bois des Îles
    1932 - Worth Je Reviens
    1947 - Dior Miss Dior
    1954 - Caron Poivre

    I have absolutely nothing representing the 60's, 70's, or 80's. If you could recommend just one fragrance for each decade, which would it be? And why? (quality, iconic status, otherwise remarkable, etc.) I'm interested in every decade, not just the three I'm missing.

    (I've read through some of the "Scents by Decade" synchronization threads, but my question is more the "if you could pick only one" type. If there is a thread similar to this already, please let me know!)
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Wow- the directory will let you search by decade. Cool

    For the 70's,I have Jean Patou's 1000, Estee Lauder's Private Collection, Diorella and YSL's Opium. I'm tossing between Opium and 1000. Opium is more of an icon of the era and I do love it but 1000 is really better quality.

    For the 80's maybe Montaigne or Samsara?
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Are you trying to capture the essence of the decade, or just hear some favorites from each period? I'll give you several from each decade below, but the first is the one I'd call the icon for the era:

    Chant d'Aromes

    Givenchy III

    Paloma Picasso
    Must de Cartier

    Jaipur Saphir
    Perry Ellis 360
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Chamade gets my vote for the 60s because it is uniquie, and I love it so much.
    I cannot say if it "represents" the entire era, but I adore it.

    My current favorite 70s fragrance is Jean Patou 1000, which represents a bygone era of classy, "perfumy" perfumes. On the other side of the coin, the younger generation at the time was wearing Coty Wild Musk, which was my favorite during the 70s, but not anymore. (It has been reformulated and lacks the powerful musks of the era.)

    My favorite 80s was Jean Mark Sinan.
    Nobody knows of it.
    Chock full o' damascones, it was. Smelled like money.
    Power fragrance for a power era for women.
    Paloma Picasso fits the bill, too.

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Oh my... I've looked up several of these in the directory, and I'm going to have to test a few of them out now! Two recs for Chamade, two for 1000. (Two for Paloma, also, but it wasn't for me.) And of course, I can't find any info on Jean Mark Sinan, but what I've read about damascones sounds lovely.

    Thank you all!
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Something should have been widely worn to be definitive of the decade and I don't remember Chamade being one of those at all, I'm not sure how you came up with that, let alone twice. Scratching head...

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    I'm open to all kinds of answers -- either a scent that defines a decade, or a scent that a person would pick if he or she could pick only one personal favorite from a certain decade. If it's a Basenoter whose preferences seem similar to mine, there's a chance that fragrance will be something I might like, too.
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    I don't remember *anyone* wearing Chamade in the 60's. After looking it up on BN, I see that it was created in 1969, so theoretically, it would fit, but in reality... maybe few months there at the end of the decade. Whatever.

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    What would you recommend for the 60's, then?

    The same reasoning could be applied to Jicky from 1889 or Tabac Blond from 1919, but I'm not fussy.
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Those end of the decade cusp scents can be tricky, lol! They were especially creative times because things were changing so fast and people looked forward to the new decades more with excitement, designers were also busy with the new looks they anticipated would be popular.

    In those days, some of the finer perfume houses (Guerlain, Givenchy, Creed) released special fragrances to a select group or made them especially for one person and didn't sell them to the general public until a few years later. Also, women didn't always run around after the latest releases like they do now, they often chose classic fragrances like Arpege, Chanel No 5, No 19, Shalimar, L'Air du Temps, etc.

    Looking at the icons of beauty and fashion in the 60's for suggestions:

    Givenchy L'Interdit - created for Audrey Hepburn and re-released this year in a special edition
    Creed Fleurissimo - created for Princess Grace
    Guerlain Chant d'Aromes - loved by Grace Kelly & Lynn Redgrave
    Patou Joy - worn by First Lady Jackie Kennedy
    Hermes Caleche - their first fragrance debuted

    The "mod" crowd was wearing a new scent called Oh! de London. Yardley was popular, too.

    For the 70's, I'd include Chamade and YSL Rive Gauche, both created at the end of the 60's, but more popularly worn in the years that followed.
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Interesting topic!

    I love Fidji and YSL's Y, they represent the early 60s to me. For the later 60s I suppose headshop scents and musks would do LOL.

    From the 70s I vividly remember Halston, Charlie, Rive Gauche and Opium. I also loved the drugstore scents Love's Baby Soft and Coty Wild Musk.

    From the 80s I remember Poison, Giorgio and Paloma Picasso, they were everywhere!

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Oh Tang - what a great topic - but I can't choose just one!!!

    Wading into the directory by decade brought back a rush of memories - and even managed to nudge my noggin into remembering scents I once owned but had forgotten.

    Will list those scents that I think represented some decades and then favs from my current wardrobe:

    For the 50’s
    Youth Dew (1953) by Estée Lauder
    Ambush (1955) by Dana

    I don’t have anything from the 50’s

    For the sixties:
    Bal à Versailles (1962) by Jean Desprez
    Y (1964) by Yves Saint Laurent

    From my wardrobe: Madame Rochas (original) (1960) by Rochas
    this is an underrated scent IMHO - and I wore it quite a bit in the 60's and still wear it now, rediscovering it - Bulgarian rose and jasmine, lovely drydown, classic scent

    For the Seventies:White Linen (1978) by Estée Lauder
    Halston (1975) by Halston
    Opium (1977) by Yves Saint Laurent

    my wardrobe picks: 1000 (1972) by Jean Patou, Parure (1975) by Guerlain, Nahéma (1979)by Guerlain - can't pick between them - they are all classic elegant lush and rich florals

    Obsession (1985) by Calvin Klein, Coco (1984) by Chanel, Passion (1987) by Elizabeth Taylor
    Had to include one of the Elizabeth Taylor scents here - I could never wear them, but they were ubiquitous

    my wardrobe: Nocturnes (1981) by Caron, Jardins de Bagatelle (1983)
    by Guerlain, Ombre Rose L'Original (1981) by Jean-Charles Brosseau

    though Ombre Rose is the least well known of the three - it is a must have if you are a rose scent person.

    The 90's

    I won't even attempt to talk of scents "representing" the 90's - there are too many in the directory I have no clue about so will only speak of what I know

    Parfum Sacré (1990) by Caron - is a heavy hitter - gorgeous, voluptuous and heady
    and Fleur de Rocaille (1993) by Caron, though lighter, is a poetic floral bouquet

    Terracotta Voile d'Ete (1999) by Guerlain just barely makes the 90's but it is a frag I would never want to be without - and am stocking up
    this is my all time comfort scent - warm, burnished amber spice. Would like to shoot the idjits at Guerlain who discontinued it.
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    I know the thread title says "recommend one scent per decade," but I just gotta list more than one. These are the scents that epitomize each of the decades for me, but are not necessarily on my "I like" list.

    1970's: Halston, Norell, Charlie, Enjoli

    1980's: Obsession for Men, Giorgio, White Diamonds

    1990's: I went into my "essential oil" phase, and I really didn't smell a lot of store-bought perfumes. So I have nothing to recommend from this decade.
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    1890 - Jicky
    1900 - Après l'Ondée
    1910 - L'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko
    1920 - Shalimar
    1930 - Vol de Nuit
    1940 - Bandit
    1950 - Jolie Madame
    1960 - Y
    1970 - Anaïs Anaïs, Rive Gauche
    1980 - Coco
    1990 - Angel, Yohji
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Sixties : Y and Chant d'Aromes and Diorella and Calandre
    Seventies: Rive Gauche and Dioressenceand First and Chanel 19
    Eighties: Ombre Rose and Opium

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Thank you Tigrushka ~ for adding COCO to the eighties!!! If any frag can's COCO!

    Also, I can't believe the oversight on KIEHL"S MUSK for the 1960's!

    As for the 70's, AROMATICS ELIXIR is my rec, alongside RIVE GAUCHE

    All of these frags are currently in production, and still selling strong ~ that says something! Great thread resurrection!

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    70's -- Chanel No. 19

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Quote Originally Posted by beachroses View Post
    The "mod" crowd was wearing a new scent called Oh! de London.
    Oh thanks so much for mentioning this one! My mom used to wear it and I tried to find it under Eau de London. My mom was hardly mod, though....

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    I loved Oh! de London. Irma Shorell owns the patent now and I hear that scent does not smell a great deal like it used to but I am tempted to try it anyway, because it was such an appealing scent.

    For the 1960s-1980s: Shiseido Murasaki and Shiseido Zen (because different sources list the debut of these scents as taking place in the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s)

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    The early 1920's were good to fragrance
    Tabac Blond
    Chanel No 5
    Knize 10

    I can't for the life of me put my finger on any landmark fragrances from the 30's though
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?


    Lanvin Scandal
    Lanvin Rumeur
    Lanvin Pretexte
    Guerlain Vol de Nuit

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Joy debuted in 1930, or very soon thereafter. I would consider it a landmark 1930s fragrance.

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    This is such a great thread, Tang!

    I'm looking at the 70's right now, and it seems like there are trends in the early, middle and later parts of the decade. It would be hard to choose an emblematic fragrance when you see Givenchy III, Rive Gauche, Private Collection, 1000, Cristalle, Aromatics Elixir, Coriandre, Diorella, and Chanel No. 19 alongside Coty's Wild Musk, Love's Baby Soft, Anais Anais, Tatiana, Halston, Lauren, White Linen, Enjoli, Jontue, Charlie, and then fragrances like Opium, Oscar, Cinnabar, and Nahema. It seems like some of the later fragrances of that decade were groundbreaking fore-runners for the general trend of the following decade (big hair, shoulder pads...). Opium, for example, seems closer to an 80's fragrance.

    But if I had to try to bridge those disparate trends from an intellectual perspective, my vote for the 70's would be the iconic Charlie. But, based on my early age during that decade, when I think of the 70's I think of Coty's Wild Musk, Love's Baby Soft, Tea Rose, Avon's Sweet Honesty, and Anais Anais. Someone older during that decade might choose more sophisticated scents like Chanel No. 19, Rive Gauche, or Opium. I think it depends how you look at it: memory or history.

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    Smile Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    These are all fragrances worn by powerful or important women in my life:
    Gee, the 20s were lush with iconic fragrances. Some of my favorites: Shalimar, Bellodgia, Mitsouko and Arpege.
    30s: Joy
    40s: L'Air du Temps (I remember the mom had the perfume. Just gorgeous)
    50s: Youth Dew, Diorissimo, L'Interdit
    60s: Norell and Calandre
    70s: Opium, Lauren, Rive Gauche
    80s: Giorgio, Red, and Red Door (Not my favorite decade for fragrance!)
    90s: Dune
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Pfft at even the thought of picking just one per decade - sorry if my answer is therefore less helpful!

    Tabac Blond by Caron (original formula!)

    Shalimar - in my opinion, still the best oriental there has ever been

    Habanita by Molinard (still available, though not sure about formula and its resemblance to the original)

    Chanel No 5 (well, obviously)

    Nuit de Noel by Caron (original formula! Carons have all been mutated a bit)

    Joy (not my cup of tea, but it is stunning)

    Tabu by Dana

    Blue Grass (my grandmother's favourite perfume - I don't care for it, but it does seem iconic)

    Old Spice!

    Shocking by Schiaparelli (iconic scent and inspiration behind the JPG Classique bottle...)

    Je Reviens by Worth

    Bandit (original formula; the new one is good, but it's an homage)

    Original Femme by Rochas

    Ma Griffe by Carven

    Miss Dior (original formula; though the newer one is nice too)

    Vent Vert

    L'Air du Temps (original... new one is still wearable, but it's not the same)

    Youth Dew (initially launched as a bath oil; this certainly became iconic over time)

    Jolie Madame

    Chanel Pour Monsieur (never smelled anything except the modern version and that's very nice; no idea about changes in formula or what the 50s version might have been like)


    Tabac original (it's a bit of a cheapo synthetic mess, but very soft 'round the edges and very manly in an old-fashioned way. I've always liked it)

    Personally - hands down Y by YSL for this decade, but original Madame Rochas, Dioressence, Miss Balmain deserve to be mentioned, as does Caleche by Hermes (probably different back then; it's still good today). I think Hermes had an "eau" before Caleche, so it wasn't their first - but not sure.

    It seemed to be a musky decade for many - Kieh's original musk was probably a big hit in USA, but I remember seeing Alyssa Ashley Musk (which was launched during this decade) around even in the 80s, so maybe that was more available in Europe.

    The "revolutionary" Eau Sauvage came out in the 60s as did Vetiver by Guerlain, Aramis and Habit Rouge. They're certainly of their time and to some extent, iconic. On sniffing the (modern; presumably changed, as everything else seems to have been) Aramis, I get struck by how "soapy" it seems. I don't remember it being like that, but it could be a scent-memory problem as our perceptions change. It could also be due to a flip-flop chicken and egg thing - maybe Aramis didn't smell soapy back then, but now, after decades of men's toiletries being scented in ways inspired by it and its contemporaries, soap smells of Aramis.

    Hai Karate seems to have been almost the "Axe/Lynx" of its day if the extremely cheesy TV ads are anything to go by...

    O de Lancome is on the cusp (launched in -69), but it has to be mentioned somewhere! Actually, I'm craving it now, which is a shame because I'm trying to boycott L'Oreal products (which is difficult given how many brands they own)

    Rive Gauche (original formula! One of my mum's scents at the time; sniffing even the reformulated version is like having her in the room)

    Chloe (original in yellow/orange packaging - a personal favourite that's still around in some shops; very glad to own some)

    Another personal favourite is Farouche (not sure how popular this was); it smells like the inside of an expensive purse/leather watch strap mixed with powder and perfume.

    Chanel 19

    Diorella (I remember smelling this a lot). Also: launched on the year I was born and it has some of my favourite notes in it. Perhaps I'll get a bottle when I turn 40 or 50.

    Original Givenchy III was one of my first "grown up" perfumes and I used to love it (though I got into it in the 80s, I hasten to add - I wasn't born when this was launched!)

    Aromatics Elixir has to be mentioned here; it has been iconic and unique (though personally I find it headache-y)

    Paco Rabanne pour Homme (I still love the original design of the bottle & packaging and smelling it makes me think of some kind of wide-collared, brown leather-jacket-wearing undercover investigator...)

    Opium (outrageous, wonderful, doesn't really suit me, but I still admire it - and it makes me think of the 80s more than 70s, but then it was launched in -77, so perhaps it was one of the first proper 80s perfumes)

    Again, Anaïs Anaïs - seems barely appropriate for the 70s; there's that on-the-cusp feeling here, though the floral/soapy scent is perhaps a bit more on the side of the feminine flower-child. Interestingly, the current Juicy Couture shares some characteristics with this (to my nose anyway), but feels less sharp.

    The original L'Artisan Mûre et Musc came out in the late 70s (now, at least if you read and agree with Turin, it has been ruined)

    And last, but not least, Estee Lauder White Linen. Certainly inspired a whole movement.

    In -79, so totally on the cusp, is Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermes; one of the best colognes on earth (and still good), Métal by Paco Rabanne (I briefly wore this in the 80s and it seemed so exciting).

    Eau d'Hadrien doesn't seem like an "80s fragrance", but then it did come out early in the decade. Folavril is another strange beast from Annick Goutal opening the decade, very light and floral scent and a lot of fun.

    Giorgio Beverly Hills was probably what a lot of people (speaking in the 90s) thought of when they thought of "80s perfume". I think banning it from public places was a step too far, but it definitely wasn't a wallflower! I admit to wearing it too - though not as a staple. It was a hoot in the school disco.

    Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain was (and still is) one of my holy grails, though these days I tend to sniff it in the store and think "do I really want to?" and end up not going there. I love its over-the-top floral abundance and its sweet optimism. Every time I think about it I always end up wanting a bottle again, but it seems so firmly set in the 80s for me that I'm going to pass until I get an attack of nostalgia.

    Coco Chanel is just wonderful - yes, of its time very obviously too, but in a way that manages to carry over to today without having to wear it "ironically" (as I fear the case may be with Jardins and Giorgio above).

    Kouros - it inspires love and hate and heated debate even today (just look at the reviews section!). So, so, so many boys over-did this back in the day, it's a good, audacious perfume, but for me anyway, complete time-travel. Drakkar Noir was another major 80s guy-favourite.

    The Body Shop White Musk - best seller and an iconic scent, along with the various perfume oils (I remember many-a-schoolday sitting behind someone who was covered in Vanilla or Dewberry or White Musk)

    Yves Rocher Ispahan - I used to love this (and apparently it's been re-issued in some kind of limited edition set-up) - it's a pretty decent oriental and seems more timeless than some other similar scents from the era. Magnolia from Yves Rocher was also extremely popular.

    Vanderbilt wasn't half bad; extremely powdery, but pleasant scent. I have no idea whether the formula has been messed with these days, but it seems to still be around.

    Poison (I'm with Poison a bit like with Opium - though I do find this a little more difficult to appreciate; it's beautiful and terrifying to me - perhaps more like I feel about Angel. Can't wear it, but do appreciate it)

    One of my personal all-time favourites: Balahe by Leonard (a boozy-fruity vanilla oriental; it packs a bit of a punch and it's very obviously from the 80s, but it's, well, delicious. Less is more for sure though or you'll feel a bit like after eating a too large-a-portion of Tiramisu. Delighted to see you can still get some, though don't know if the formula has been changed)

    Paris by YSL - ironically, I wore Balahe on my first trip to Paris (and whilst there, bought LouLou because everyone seemed to be wearing it there at the time). Paris is something I doubt I could pull off/enjoy now - it was right for the teenage-me. Nevertheless, everyone should try it at least once; it's a very special perfume (and the only predominantly rose-based scent I've really got into)

    LouLou - always reminds me of Paris (the city, not the fragrance); see above. Loud and not ashamed of itself, unique, wonderful, very much of its time. Occasionally I toy with the idea of wearing it again, but haven't gone there yet.

    Salvador Dali by Salvador Dali - I still have this and wear it - and feel that it's never had the glory it deserves. If it had been a Guerlain release, it'd be right up there, considered a classic. An extremely resinous, long-lasting, beautiful amber/oriental. It does the wonderful "proper perfume" -thing of warming on your skin and amplifying/radiating around you.

    Beautiful by Estee Lauder - a proper bouquet-floral if there ever was one (much better than Tiffany and various others that I feel have tried to imitate it). Not my cup of tea, and it does seem a little dated, but it's really beautiful, exactly as the name suggests.

    Calyx by Prescriptives - a fruity floral that I feel was an inspiration, or one of the first in its genre, to some of the 90s and 00s product scents and perfumes.

    Obsession and Obsession for Men - Not the best pair of orientals in the world, but somehow, just right, somehow, very accessible - and certainly phenomenally popular! I prefer Obsession for Men and bought a bottle for my husband a couple of years ago. It doesn't scream sophistication, but it's appealing.

    Anné Pliska - I only recently sampled this and feel it should have been a phenomenal worldwid success (if one would base this sort of thing on the scent alone), but perhaps a bit like with the Dali above, it came out under a name that wasn't as ubiquitous as it could have been. A salty-and-sweet herbal, powdery amber.

    Byzance by Rochas - again, not sure how much the formula has changed, but it seems to have changed somewhat at least; still, I have the current version in my wardrobe and enjoy it to this day. A soapy oriental in the same kind of mindset as Boucheron (which was launched the year after); Byzance has a unique character that sets it apart. Extremely wearable, though a little dated.

    Eau Dynamisante by Clarins - not so much a perfume as it is a refreshing cologne; nevertheless, a lovely scent that seems timeless and necessary. I always seem to have some around.

    Roma by Laura Biagiotti was (and is) very pretty; sophisticated even. It seems perhaps more timeless than some of the other scents of the time.

    Rumba by Balenciaga is an outrageous fruit-bowl-come-hither-soup of seduction; I found it too much even back then, though it's beautiful (in a sense that a giant wedding cake might be beautiful, but you'd never eat it all by yourself in one go). Prowl by Neil Morris is, in my opinion, somehow related to this, but a much more wearable beast.

    Samsara, though a late launch (-89) is clearly a product of its decade, but somehow manages to crystallise the best of the outrageousness and discard the worst; it has stood the test of time and smells wonderful even today. Smells like a cashmere jumper and warmth.

    Fahrenheit by Dior, Davidoff Cool Water and Eternity by Calvin Klein need to be mentioned in any conversation about 80s perfume, though I cringe when I think about them now - they were everywhere.


    Safari by Ralph Lauren, launched in 1990 smells more like an 80s scent, but it's wonderful and wearable even today. Quite strong and heady, but in a "so what if I'm wearing strong perfume, it's really sophisticated strong perfume"-way. It's fruity/floral, but green and dry. I recently sampled Leiber by Leiber and felt there was some kind of connection and a similarity.

    Chaos by Donna Karan (now re-issued) was probably the most staggeringly beautiful and unusual scent of the 90s for me personally - funnily enough, another favourite found before it - Feminite du Bois seems to share a similar nature. FDB came first.

    Dune by Dior was really one of the most memorable, unique and "different" scents of the 90s - not something I wore, but I did admire it.

    Laguna by Dali is not as classy as Salvador Dali by Dali, but this scent, too, has had an undeservedly sidelined existence - it's an odd transparent fruity thing that really broke new ground at the time.

    Angel, well, I don't need to say much about that. The Marmite of perfumes. Except that Marmite hasn't been so widely copied.

    L'eau D'Issey was everywhere. It's the smell that means "90s" to me the most. (Not something I wore, but if I had to pick one perfume to represent this decade, this would be it).

    Ambre Sultan came out in the 90s and I love it, though I only discovered it in the noughties.

    Another not-as-much-loved as it perhaps ought to be from this decade is Il Bacio by Borghese; a sweet, fruity, full-on thing that can be very pretty on the right wearer. I's say anyone who likes Beautiful by Estee Lauder should try to give this a sniff.

    JPG Classique (...and put the bottle next to Shocking, as explained above...) - well, another scent that seemed to be around everywhere for most of the 90s. Not a personal favourite, though I admire its slightly oddball composition along with the nail polish remover note and I also love the tin-can secondary packaging.

    Vanilla Fields by Coty seemed to be everywhere too.

    CK One. Sigh. Well, there it is.

    Tocade was one of the best fragrances of the decade. A vanilla soured by geranium and decorated with rose.

    24 Faubourg by Hermes would also make the top 10 for the 90s; though it feels like it could have been launched during almost any time. Very chic, very grown up.

    Pleasures by Lauder - completely on the money for what everyone seemed to want at the time.

    Allure by Chanel - perhaps not allure in a bottle, and perhaps "cold and distant" (if The Guide is your gospel), but there is something here that really works; it's mature without being old and stuffy, it's sophisticated without being snobby and it's wearable without being boring.

    Envy by Gucci, I feel owes something to the earlier Calyx by Prescriptives; there's a sisterhood present somehow, though Envy is the bossy, successful sister to Calyx's mall-bird hair-mousse and scrunchie-wearing one. Envy is strong, recognisable, very much of its time, but still wearable today.

    Happy by Clinique. I don't know; was this one of the first times it became acceptable to sell a sort of "nice body spray" -scent as perfume? Not sure, but it really was popular.

    Lolita Lempicka - liquorice in a bottle. Pretty awesome.

    Bulgari Black - quite a risky composition; alas, discontinued. Here's hoping there will be a resurrection one day.

    Cristobal by Balenciaga - perhaps less known gem of the late 90s. Extremely pretty perfume.

    On the cusp of the noughties, we have one last one that definitely needs a mention: Gucci Rush. It's worth giving it a test-drive, even just for the experience. Not my kind of scent, but I admire it.

    As for the 00s, all I am going to say is:

    Whoever discontinued the original Aveda Pure-fume Chakra scents is an idiot. (The now re-issued ones are new compositions and not even nearly as nice). They were a little bit ahead of their time - NOW is when everyone and their mum is looking for organic perfumes and all that jazz. Perhaps they should have reconsidered their pricing and marketing instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You killed the Purefumes! You bastards!
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Wow! Awesome research & info in that post Nukapi. Thanks for that.
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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    Thank you all for the additional recommendations... wow! The range of answers here is wonderful to read, and I really appreciate the historical depth & perspective. The soft limit of one-per-decade was just so my question wouldn't sound too demanding.

    These are some stunning lists. Again, thank you!

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    Default Re: Recommend One Scent Per Decade?

    I came up with these:
    Creed Fantasia de Fleurs
    Penhaligon's Hamman Bouquet
    Floris Zinnia , Intensely sweet floriental

    Guerlain Apres L'Ondee
    Creed Fleur de The Rose Bulgare

    G. Mitsouko
    G. L'Heure Bleu

    J.Patou Adieu Sagesse, Dry Aldehydic Chypre
    Lanvin Arpege
    Chanel Cuir de Russie
    G. Djedi
    Coty Emeraude
    Houbigant Essence Rare
    G. Shalimar
    Chanel Sycomore, I had no idea this 1st came out in the 20's. It must have been really something then as it's quite intense now. Too powerfully woody for me. More male IMO.

    Caron Fleur de Rocaille, I love the vintage & the recent, haven't tried the modern.
    Jean Nate, born in 1935?? who new?? great stuff!
    Chanel Beige, born in 1931?? I'm learning all the time!
    G. Sous le Vent, Awesome dry chypre. This reminds me of May wine. Love love!! Holy grail!!
    G. Vol de Nuit, Grown up Holy grail. Must be wearing navy blue silk, though!

    Miss Dior, The best of the decade. Fracas is too floral/sweet IMO. Not my thing.

    Givenchy L'Inderdit
    Givenchy III- I like the remake of this, in the frosted bottle. Very nice!!!

    Azuree, Another Holy grail for me, recently re-discovered. Still superb.
    Prince Matchebelli Cachet, Everyone wore this at one time. It used to be quite good. No more.
    Dioressence, Get an older one if you can. Gorgeous. Miss Dior with a dose of ambergris. OMG!!!
    Coty Imprevu, The first perfume I picked out for my mother for Christmas. Pretty, mossy aldehyde. I found an old one but it had gone flat. I miss that one.

    Ciara, I feel sorry for anyone who was within 50 feet of me back then. Overpowering amber bomb. Big hair-do required.
    Charles of the Ritz, This one haunts me. I remember a friend showed this to me at Miller & Paine. (Our big dept. store) It was dry, smokey & grown-up. She wore it. I wanted to but never got around to it. Now if you can find it you need a second mortgage to buy it. I just wish I could smell it again, I can't quite remember it...
    Ivoire, Way cool, green dry chypre. Off the scale dry & mossy. This is the hard stuff. I am so glad a BN gal showed me this one. And super cheap. Found at Discount everywhere. Ground-breaker IMO.
    Lauren, Tangy green violet leaf note haunts my memory. I'm back in school & wishing my homework was done so I could enjoy the weekend. The remake was a big disappointment. Why bother?
    Rive Gauche, My signature fragrance. Luckily I have a few gift cans from the 80's because the new stuff was ruined by my nemisis; Tom Ford. TF - We'll get you for this. Somehow, somewhere Karma...

    Jill Sander #4, Just discovered by myself, this feels very 80's to me. A glorious bosomy floral, well-done with tuberose & amber, but in the right way so as not o be too cloying. Really quite fresh for a flower-bomb frag.
    Knowing, A landmark floriental unique for it's pittosporum top note. Very glamourous & sexy night-time frag.

    I think most of my collection is from the 90's so I won't go there. Probably my favorite since I came to BN is Eau D'Hadrien. It always changes my mood to bright & sunny.
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