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    Default Arabian Cologne:clean,fresh,light possible?

    I know that the arabian fragances are very strongs,i have the possibility the try some arabian fragances and are very "loud" and strong and with big powder in femenine way.
    Well the more light i tested was ARCUS AMOUAGE,but don`t like many his "Rough" note ,That "contaminates" the whole fragrance,i try to said: that yes is aquatic,clean but damm! have this roug note..
    i try to find in some way a Arabian gendarme or arabian bigarade concetree,EXIST THIS? or ARABIAN IS IMCOMPATIBLE with CLEAN,FRESH,AQUATIC...........?

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    Default Re: Arabian Cologne:clean,fresh,light possible?

    aquatic = incompatible with smelling good.
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    Default Re: Arabian Cologne:clean,fresh,light possible?

    I have this Montale made for the Near East markt only, Aragon des Hommes, so in a way it's Arabian. It's an aquatic oud.
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    Default Re: Arabian Cologne:clean,fresh,light possible?

    Oh Aragon des Hommes Montale,very curious in this.
    Of course this not similar Fougueres marine,not??????

    more options?
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    Default Re: Arabian Cologne:clean,fresh,light possible?

    I have several Al Haramain oil based frags that are very fresh, clean and light even with a very evident presence of is called Al Nabha and the other is called Mukhallat 2003. The latter is one of the most complemented frags I own.
    Also Montale's Aoud Damascus has been described as a "breath of fresh air" and I couldn't agree more.
    I've also tried a sample of white musk mixed with Taif rose and it was one of the cleanest smelling things I've ever tried.
    Your mileage may vary of course...

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    Default Re: Arabian Cologne:clean,fresh,light possible?

    great,i try to enter at his web (Al Haramain) but very difficult to understand .
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    Default Re: Arabian Cologne:clean,fresh,light possible?

    I'd like to make a few general comments.

    I live in the Middle East and have some experience with Arabian fragrances. Although my knowledge about these perfumes may be a little greater than the average, I'm certainly no authority. So take what I say as opinion, not fact.

    Rather than comment on specific Arabic fragrances I'd prefer to talk about my experience with them in general.

    In my opinion there are quite a few oud based fragrances that qualify as light or fresh. I don't know of any oud aquatics unless Aragon, as The_Good_LIfe has mentioned, qualifies.

    But among Western fragrance lovers oud has this connotation of being heavy or dense or dirty, and to me that just isn't the case. Of course it can be, depending upon what kind and how much is used, and what it is blended with. But I think many oud fragrances are light and airy, and even refreshing.

    Remember that these fragrances are very popular in the Middle East, where it is very hot most of the year. Does it make sense that Arabs would wear something heavy and stifling in this heat? No. Like them, I'm finding that oud based fragrances are lighter, cleaner, and more invigorating than you might think. They cut through the heat and uplift the wearer.

    For example, I think most Montale ouds, even Black Aoud, are light and airy, especially in comparison with some of the oils, which are considerably stronger. I never feel that Montale ouds are heavy. They have an airiness, a lightness, a clean verve, that I actually find refreshing and enlivening in the heat.

    I don't really have much more than that. I just thought I'd throw that out so perhaps you could look at oud based frags in a different light. Ouds can be light and clean, but just not in the same soapy or freshly ironed sense that some Euro fragrances are.


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