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    Default new fragrance discovery.. wow.

    I recently visited a local boutique and inquired about a bottle of "J.Cassanova" edt for men.. which has been sitting on the shelf there for quite some time... First, I had it sprayed onto a cardboard card... intrigued I tried it on my skin and ventured around the mall to see how it settled..

    This stuff is simply marvelous.. Not knowing the note composition makes it even more enigmatic.. as I try to sniff my way to some sort of understanding of this outstanding fragrance..

    First of all, it would be classified as a Chypre.. a dark, deep, smooth Chypre... I would place it in the same fragrance family as scents like Maxims, Francisco Smalto, Jules, Macassar, Leonard (though these fragrances are all quite distinct), etc... it has a strong, radiant brown aura about it.. and manages to be an 80's style powerhouse.... without it feeling dated, or out of place....

    What makes Cassanova a beguiling that it takes the dark, earth-soaked nature of a scent like Leonard for men... but manages to merge it with a strong mint or eucalyptus note.. the brooding, muddy mood is broken by a silver shot right through its development.... though extremely familiar, the composition stands on its own... it feels very formal, assertive, serious... would work wonders wafting underneath a blackthree-quarter length wool coat and soft leather driving gloves.....

    It is a shame that this scent flies under the radar.. (it has for me, at least)

    Perhaps part of this scent's magic was in the unknown.. the lack of anticipation or previous knowledge.. but even in examining it as objectively as possible.. it still shines..

    good longevity AND sillage.. a great cold weather fragrance and a welcomed addition to my shrinking collection of fragrances...

    Have any of you had experience with this fragrance? If so..please share.

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    Default Re: new fragrance discovery.. wow.

    A local shop carries this. As far as I can tell there's only one lonely bottle remaining.

    I have tested it, but most likely along with quite a few others at the same time, and I don't remember anything about it.

    I'm due for another visit to this shop, so I'll check it out in a day or so. If I like it, I'll buy it.

    Thanks for your info about this lesser known fragrance!

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    Default Re: new fragrance discovery.. wow.

    Its also discontinued and very hard to get .... grab it noggs !

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