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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    Clarins Moisture Balm.

    I m using 1 skin changed very soft!

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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    apparently this thread has has over 10,000 views. how is that possible?
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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    I make my own in small batches to keep it fresh :

    6 oz. parts witch hazel to 2 oz. of organic aloe gel......8 drops of essential oil of peppermint and 8 drops of essential oil of frankensence...shake mixture well each time before application.
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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    I'd go with Nivea

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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    Quote Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post
    apparently this thread has has over 10,000 views. how is that possible?
    It has nearly 22000 views now, because of "best after shave balm" keywords. A few days back I bought Arko adventure Balm for 3.5 $ and it's disappointing. It doesn't soothe and moisturize. It was irritating my skin that I woke up in the middle of night to use some moisturizer cream. I had GIVENCHY Pi Neo Aftershave Balm and it was great, but I can't aford to buy it again, though It's hard to find it here.
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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    I am on a bit of a ASB and Shave Cream search at the present time and I still have not settled on a finalist. I have tried many different brands. I don't have any serious skin problems so my ASB criteria seem to have boiled down to #1, just the right scent and #2, feel and texture. Anyway so far I am liking Men-U Facial Moisturizer Lift and Proraso liquid cream after shave. Unfortunately, neither of these two really ring my bell. Proraso smells closer to a barbershop (which I am looking for) but is a little bit runny for my liking, and the Men-U, being a little thicker is good, but the fragrance is farther from the barbershop smell I am looking for. Both are cool, smooth and refreshing and do a great job mind you. They will both be in my rotation. I am awaiting an order of Musgo Real soon so we shall see.

    BTW Master-Classter gets the blame for this madness, he should not have enclosed shave cream and ASB samples in a swap box that I got my hands on. That's what got me started!
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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    My favourites are:

    1. Proraso AS Liquid Balm - smells barber shop like and very fresh, balm is very thin and this stuff just WORKS !

    2. Clinique Post Shave Healer - I believe this stuff has a tiny bit of alcohol in it, but this stuff is mild and effective. Awesome product !

    3. Edwin Jagger/Mühle AloeVera AS Balm - this stuff also contains a tiny bit of alcohol, but it's so mild and healing, that you will never notice this. Great stuff !

    4. Castle Forbes Lime AS Balm - very nice AS Balm. Top quality product !
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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    Git aftershave is nice, but not as nice as it used to be. Art of shaving sandalwood right now is my fav, eau des baux by loccitane is very nice as well.

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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    The L'Occitane line of after shave balms in tubes is economical with good performance.

    Of these, I like the smell of Eau des Baux (+1) but all of them (Lavender, Cade, etc.) perform well.

    Ditto for the Truefitt and Hill lines of after shave balms in tubes and pump bottles.

    The Guerlains also have good products. The Habit Rouge after shave balm in the red tube (not the alcohol after shave) is very good.
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    Default Re: best aftershave BALM,alcohol free?

    I highly recommend Trumper's Fragrance Free Moisturising Lotion - it's obviously particularly good for people with dry skin. It's like their skin foods but without a scent. I find scented after shave balms to be practically useless since there are two fragrances which I use more often than once in two months. And these two does not have after shave balms in their range of products.

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