here is the scenario: i am attendeding a semi-formal party with friends next weekend and i would like to give everyone a decant from recently purchased bottles. most of the bottles i have are mens scents and there are 4 women that i need to figure out which to give.

what i am working with:
penhaligon's-elisabethan rose
creed-bois du portugal
caron-third man
guerlain-habit rouge

there are 4 men and 4 women that will receive a decant. so my question is from a womans perspective what do you like? elisabethan rose is obvious, no88 would work, castile i think would work, habit rouge (i think has a nice sweet touch to it that might work)... i have heard that some women enjoy bdp, cuba and even yatagan.

let me know what you like and a bit about your personality.