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    Is the Collection series and the Vintage the same? Cant seem to find any. Visited all my usual sites. Not even Nieman Marc has it on their site. Thanks


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    i have been told that the private collection tabarome is pretty much the same that people refer to as vintage tabarome. i think the old vintage went away for a while and then came back as private collection tabarome. i could be wrong but i am sure someone will correct me if so. fyi- i adore this scent. the private collection bottles are only available in the 8.4oz flacon size. i have found a few places that carry it for a pretty good price but they are currrently out. i will wait patiently (and use my decant sparringly).


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    It is the same scent. Officially it is just called Tabarome and is part of the creed "private collection". It is an old composition and people call it "vintage tabarome" to distinguish it from the 2000 release Tabarome Millesime which is a different (also excellent) scent. Vintage (private collection) tabarome is only available in 250 ml and larger. tabarome Millesime is available from 30ml up.
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