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    Default Decant and sample trading site/forum

    I don't know about y'all, but I really miss the good old days of coming to Basenotes and finding folks to trade samples and decants. I also hate having only one option for purchasing decants and samples - The perfumed are nice folks, Diane is wonderful, but the prices are really outrageous. How difficult would it be to set up an alternate forum for individuals who want to sell or trade fragrances? I really want to respect Grant's decision about not allowing decants to be sold or discussed here, and I understand it completely. But I imagine that a more low-key site would draw less attention and be less risky. Has anybody already done this? How hard would it be to set up a forum or website to do this? I would be willing to help set this up, but I have zero technical knowledge about site design.

    And Chris, if me asking this has violated the No Decent Discussion Edict, feel free to move or remove it and I will feel appropriately chastised.

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    I'm in! I would be more than willing to swap a decant, of any thing in my wardrobe for a decant of something I wanted, from who ever was willing to swap from their's!

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