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    Default How do scents influence your PERSONAL MOOD?

    For example wearing Comme des Garcons "2 Man" makes me feel very clear in the head, ready to solve intellectual problems, even a bit ascetic. No idea why. Dior Homme makes me feel gently, sensual, perhaps vulnerable.

    What are scents that are able to transform your mood and do you think they can even have influence (conscious or not) on your behaviour, the way you interact with other people?

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    Default Re: How do scents influence your PERSONAL MOOD?

    Transmaniacon, your experience with these perfumes is very interesting to me, If these effects happens to you with industrial perfumes you should respond very powerfuly to natural perfumery.
    The way perfumes influence our mood is a primary cause responsible for our liking them, for our buying them, and for our addiction to them.
    Odours are psycho-active (see Tisserand's psycho-aromatherapy), and many molecules of natural and synthetic origin are identical in structures to pheromones. This is why they can influence our mood, our behaviour and even our physiological processes.
    There is quite some documentation on the subject (see my bibliography), but you can find easily something googling for "psychology olfactory" or "psychology of scent".
    AbdesSalaam Attar

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    Default Re: How do scents influence your PERSONAL MOOD?

    Yes, I find myself uplifted by many of my frags. That's the main reason I collect and use them. They bring an internal joy and an external smile to my face.

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