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    Default Re: Anyone else giving up on "vintage"?

    I don't actively seek out vintage versions of fragrances any more. I have vintage versions of all the ones I really would consider necessary any way. I do own a few discontinued fragrances but bought back up bottles of them in the past when they were relatively affordable.
    I don't have a signature fragrance. My signature changes a little bit every day, why shouldn't my fragrance?

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    Default Re: Anyone else giving up on "vintage"?

    It's so expensive to search out and purchase discontinued, vintage fragrances. I would like to but it can put a serious dent in my wallet.

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    Default Re: Anyone else giving up on "vintage"?

    In the time between the first post and the post that necroed the thread there have been quite a few "vintage" fragrances created. Guerlain's Vetiver and Habit Rouge have had yet another "vintage" created when they reformulated in 2011.

    This hobby can be depressing.

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    Default Re: Anyone else giving up on "vintage"?

    No because vintage parfumes not only has different formulation, but have "aged" for many years, acquiring new peculiarities thanks to their (in some cases) natural ingredients.
    Wonder how a fully synthetic scent will "age" ....

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    Default Re: Anyone else giving up on "vintage"?

    I would love to give up on vintage, but I just can't.
    Just bought a new bottle of Zino Davidoff and I am sorry to say, but it's nothing
    compared to the original version.
    Suddenly it does not last anymore, while the original version lasted 24 hours.

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