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    This morning temperature jumped quite low and I had such a strong craving for a warm embracing leather smell to cuddle myself... It's been longtime since I owned a deep, warm leather juice in full bottle size but today I can't stop sniffing my wristle craving for leather (wearing armani privé cuir amethyste)....
    So I guess I'm going to have a leather juice asap.
    The question is:
    It's been some time since you owned/wore this kind of sent...
    But suddenly you realize you are wearing this kinda perfume more and more and the more it gets cold the more you crave for it...
    What's your note/smell craving?

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    Magnifiscent, it is getting colder here as well.

    Maybe that is why I have been obsessed with leathers and ambers lately.
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    Apart from some unusual gourmands... Vetiver is what has been intriguing my nose these last few days. As a note I've been so-so about it, and the essential oil had always smelled too compost-like for me, but I recently ran across a bottle of Indian vetiver essential oil that changed my mind. It has an odd, intensely warm spice-raisin-dirt-tobacco-leather quality that I'm quite enticed by, and I'm now on the hunt for a vetiver fragrance with those qualities.

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    Jasmine cravings hit me ever so often...usually when I need a little 'pick -me-up'.

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    When it get's way cold,and I mean COLD out I always reach for Sables.A rich,sweet, warm fragrance.
    Makes me feel like I can actually tolerate this mid west winter, when it's at it's worst.So yes this is what I do crave.

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    I get cravings for heliotrope, jasmine and tobacco, not all at the same time!

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    I have recurring cravings for sandalwood and rose notes. As the weather cools, I want smoky birch notes and amber. Warmer weather usually means a yen for angelica and vetiver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sloan_8013 View Post
    I have recurring cravings for sandalwood and rose notes. As the weather cools, I want smoky birch notes and amber. Warmer weather usually means a yen for angelica and vetiver.
    ditto. I have always wanted to try knize ten to see if it is better than REL.
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    Helmut Lane Curion
    Cartier Declration
    and of course Tabarome for cold and windy.


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    In cold days I crave something old-fashioned (evergreen) vintage perfumes, like Djedi, Mitsouko, Kouros, Bel Ami, etc...
    other are contemporary vetiver, leather, amber, incense, patchouly, sandalwood, oud...
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Strong scents like Basala, Van Cleef, Opium

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