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    Default Balenciaga PH, how I love thee...

    I don't know why I decided to buy this off of eBay for a leg especially since the volume of the remaining juice was unknown and my finances aren't too great for me at the moment.

    I received it and sprayed it on my skin. And I thought I had made the worst purchase of my life. It had this off putting Kouros like smell (heavy thyme and bergamot?; oh, I've come to understand Kouros and I love it now). I gave it a couple minutes and I came back to the scent. It was absolutely gorgeous. The bergamot and thyme had disappeared, leaving the cinnamon, woody, sandalwood set of notes. It is a very, well balanced scent. The sillage isn't too much of rave about, but it has a nice smooth drydown into an amber and musk.

    This is one of the best fragrances I've smelled hands down. Wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful.
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    Default Re: Balenciaga PH, how I love thee...

    I rated it a '3' when I first used it. I will revisit it as I respect your opinion.

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