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    Default AMen transformation yap flap

    If not online,I buy my smells from two stores. A local Nordstroms and a Neiman Marcus in AZ. The sales ladies in the stores have always said "Oooo,get AMen!" They would spray some on a piece of paper and maybe a little on me saying how wonderful it is. For the longest time I thought it was awful stuff. Didn't like it. Then one day it wasn't all that bad. I took home a sample. The more I sprayed,the more I liked it. Now its one of my favs(after dry down)! The same story with a couple others. On the other hand,a few of the ones I considered really good,all of a sudden do not appeal to me any longer. No depth. Single layered. I really like the ones that have a lot going on. ie Tabarome,AMen GIT etc. After looking at this further, I have also noticed the ones I am now enjoying cost a lot more as well! Is this a normal pattern in the world of frags? Am I doomed? Isn't this fun!
    Some of those Bonds are next.

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