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Thread: Scent for Mom?

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    Default Scent for Mom?

    Hi everyone,

    First off, I'm new and SO excited to have found basenotes. I'm in the thick of a growing fragrance addiction and this is such a great resource. I've enjoyed reading the recent threads and I hope I'll be able to contribute productively as I learn more. (Right now my knowledge is pretty much limited to Sephora's fragrance wall and similar).

    But anyway, to cut to the chase... I'm trying to find a new fragrance to give to my mother for Christmas. What are some of the scents you associate with your mother?

    I was initially thinking about getting her Narciso Rodriguez for Her because she likes Lovely by SJP, but I think they might be a little too similar-- I'd like to branch out a little more. She also likes Cotton Blossom by Bath & Body Works and has had a virtually untouched bottle of Amarige de Givenchy for about ten years now (gift from Dad obviously gone wrong).

    I'm thinking that I'd like to get her an everyday kind of scent rather than something for evening because she's really tired of the dating scene. :-) Either way, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

    Thanks for reading. :-)
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    I know I'm being boring banging on about this fragrance, but Prada's new Infusion d'Iris is amazing. And you can wear it during the daytime, evening, whenever. When I first bought it, I thought it was more a summer fragrance than a winter one, but it's amazingly versatile and now, as the frost settles on the ground, I'm still wearing it practically every day. I think it's a fragrance that would suit women of any age too. If she likes SJP Lovely, which is quite a light fragrance, I think Infusion d'Iris would fit the bill nicely, because it starts off light, then evolves into something very sensual and long-lasting.
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