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    Talking FREE stuff

    Hey everyone,
    I am going through all my oils and what not and have found some stuff I would like to gift to you DIYers. I found an attar that I made a year ago. It contains golden filaria oud, cambodian oud , sandalwood, ambergris (oil infusion), geranium, patchouli, rosa damascena and a little deer musk(black). I have 1 oz of this so it could be divided.

    Also, I have some Timor sandalwood that I will never use. It is different ,as it's scent is like a smoky vetiver/ sandalwoody one. 3 ml of this----GONE
    2ml of an " Egoiste" type I made with more spice to it.----GONE
    1 ml of # 2 Cambodian pure dhen al oud is also going.----- GONE--You snooze you lose!
    ......more to come
    Not sure of the criteria for who gets what other than first come, first served . Let me know what you would like---- 1 per person with the exception of the dividable attar or if you are willing to take smaller amounts of others.
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    How very kind of you, I would love the sandalwood if it isn't already gone, as well as a sample of the attar. PM me if possible.

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    I've sent you a PM.

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    Which city do u live? Cuz I wanna know how much for the shipping. Even though u live in U.S ..... but u might live in 100 miles away

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    No takers? I'm not much of a DIYer, but if no one else is interested, I'd really like to stick my nose into the Cambodian Oud. After trying so many Montales and reading their Oud is inferior (or perhaps even synthetic?) I'm very keen on smelling the real thing. I'd cover shipping to Germany, of course.

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    Thanks! I wouldn't mind to try some of your attar!
    I'll send a PM too!
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    Count me in if theres any left ....

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