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    Default Meeting with Olivier Durbano

    I had the chance to visit Olivier Durbano at his Lyonnais boutique, small, humble but well decorated boutique. He's a skilled jeweler who not only knows how to make beautiful jewelery... he knows his fragrances too (he's a fan of Serge Lutens and Frederic Malle, has favorite being Musc Ravageur!). He worked with a perfumer at Grasse for his line of three fragrances. We spent close to 40 minutes talking about fragrances, why we wear fragrances, the fragrance business, and the concept of "niche." This guy is a true artist at heart... friendly, patient (with my not so great French).

    Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, and Rock Crystal are the fragrances in his line, which are available at luckyscent. I loved them all on paper. I reserved my wrists for Black Tourmaline.

    With the exception of Amethyst, both Rock Crystal and Black Tourmaline smelled initially of actual rock! I loved Black Tourmaline on my skin (the top notes fly off into a wonderful - burned wood mixed with incense kind of scent). I inquired for samples, so I could better "study" them, but he said that he doesn't make samples, but he just happened to have little bit of Rock Crystal in a vial which he kindly gave to me. As I sit here, an hour into the scent, the Black Tourmaline burns strongly with a somewhat linear drydown... very pleasant nonetheless.

    I'll come back and write up a review of the Rock Crystal later.
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    Default Re: Meeting with Olivier Durbano

    How lucky you are scentophile - Mr. Durbano sounds like a true gentleman.

    Yes, I must agree that my two times I encountered Black Tourmaline the olfactory effect of something actually 'smoking' on my skin was what I perceived. Other scents (like Japan Noir by Tom Ford Private Blends) have a strong smoke note, but it's slightly fuel based - BT is so natural and quite realistic. It's smoke resembles the campfire effect that certain mens woody scents achieve, but without wood (Comme des Garcons 2 Man for instance).

    When I first encountered the fragrance, from the very first few minutes - I could tell that the creator had some experience with niche fragrances and that they'd really taken their time creating this scent.
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