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Thread: Best Copycats?

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    Default Best Copycats?

    What are some of the best copycat fragrances? For example:

    Halston Unbound and Perry Ellis 360 Red = Acqua Di Gio
    Perry Ellis 360 White = JPG Le Male
    Sean John Unforgivable = Creed MI

    Any others?

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Interesting thread Nugget ...
    Kouros = Paros an aftershave and now discontinued , it was an awesome companion .
    ................ PERHAPS SOMEONE CAN FILL IN THE BLANKS BELOW ...................
    > Patou Pour Homme = ?
    > Phileas = ?

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    While they're fine fragrances in there own right, two of the best relations I've found are:

    Tuscany and Baie de Genievre
    Montana Parfum d'Homme and Aramis Havanna

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Chanel Allure = Perry M
    Current Top 5

    1. Creed Aventus
    2. A*Men Pure Malt
    3. L'instant Extreme
    4. Nasomatto Duro
    5. CDG - Kyoto

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Roma Uomo = Minotaure
    Joop! = Cristobal = Mont Blanc Individual
    Le Male Summer = Armand Basi
    Also FYI, there is an extensive thread about this...
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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Penhaligon's Quercus and Azzaro Chrome. Not sure wich one is the copycat, but Quercus is really nice though expensive. Also Jordan. Less refined but cheaper and longer lasting.

    YSL LHomme, Burberry Brit Channel Platinum, HErrera, Himalaya. Maybe not real copycats but quite similar. All of them are really good investments.

    Rochas Man and Amen. IMO an improvement.

    Aqva Bvlgari and Givenchy Blue label. Similar to AdG but diferent enough to deserve a separate buy.

    Visit and Gucci Rush. Too much nutmeg in both. Hey at least the bottle looks cooler.

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Paco Rabanne pour homme=Bond No9 Great Jones
    Creed Orange Spice=Kouros

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Ok a couple of old chesnuts:

    Cool Water = Creed, Green Irish Tweed
    Mugler Cologne = Creed, Original Vetiver
    XS = Creed Himalaya

    (sorry Creed!!)
    Oh and possibly Knize ten = Creed, Royal English Leather
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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    XS = Platinum Egoiste
    Egoiste = Trumper's Sandalwood

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Quote Originally Posted by irish View Post

    Rochas Man and Amen. IMO an improvement.
    I hope you mean that Rochas is an improvement

    Aqva Bvlgari and Givenchy Blue label. Similar to AdG but diferent enough to deserve a separate buy.
    I agree.

    Visit and Gucci Rush. Too much nutmeg in both. Hey at least the bottle looks cooler.
    Try Cacheral Nemo or Pal Zileri Satoriale if you want the nutmeg toned down.

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Quote Originally Posted by tfaust View Post
    XS = Platinum Egoiste
    Egoiste = Trumper's Sandalwood
    XS smells absolutely NOTHING like Platinum Egoiste. Are you mad? Seriously, no one would ever make that comparison. However, Creed's Himalaya is a near-clone of XS, and nearly undetectable after the drydown IMO. I wouldn't buy Himalaya over XS, even though I'm a Creed fan.

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    the drydown of purple water=the drydown of truefitt and hill west indian lime, imo

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Joop = Creed Original Santal
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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    the best for me:
    360 White, Jacomo Rouge, 212 Sexy, Cuba, Similars to Le Male...
    Laguna for Women, Diesel ++ for Women Very similar to Bulgari Blv for Men
    Diesel zero+ Similar Jaipur Homme

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Dolce and Gabbana = OP BLEND

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Allure = Perry Ellis M
    Montana Parfum d'Homme = Havana
    Blue Sugar = A*men (w/o the scorched tar and burnt chocolate notes)

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    MPG Garrigue - Joop Nightflight!
    Sl Fumerie Turque - Davidoff Relax
    Rochas Man - Bond's New Haarlem
    Cacherel PH - Halston's Catalyst
    Dior Jules - Halston's Z-14 (albeit an inferior copycat)
    RL Purple Label - Bond's Bleecker Street
    Leonard PH - Vancleef & Arpels
    Versace Eau Fraiche - D&G Light Blue for Women
    Corduroy - Armand Basi
    Gucci Envy - Floris Santal
    Iquitos - Davidoff's Zino
    Lagerfeld Man - Richard James Saville Row
    L'Occitane's L'Occitain - Burberry Touch - Body Shop White Musk for men
    Vera Wang - Agatha Brown's Conquest
    Samourai - Agatha Brown's Imperial Jade Emperor
    Fou D'Absinthe - Yojhi Homme
    Paco's Tenere - Hugo Boss #1
    Fahrenheit - Lucky 6
    Etro's Etra - Artisan's Poivre Piquant
    L'Occitane's Eau des Baux - Tea for Two
    Jacomo Rouge - Ted Lapidus Lui
    Dunhill Desire - Diesel (white bottle)

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    Default Re: Best Copycats?

    Quote Originally Posted by NearFantastica View Post
    Dior Jules - Halston's Z-14 (albeit an inferior copycat)
    Leonard PH - Vancleef & Arpels
    I've worn both for twenty years and smell virtually no genuine similarities between Jules and Z-14. Among a million other things, Jules has none of the profound fruitiness nor sweet oriental characteristics that are such a strong part of Z-14. I like Z-14 a lot (though less than I used to) but find it significantly inferior to Jules for several reasons, most of all having to do with issues of long-term and short-term wearability. Vendetta Pour Homme (Valentino) smells a lot like Z-14 but Vendetta is much drier and far more synthetic.

    I also find limited congruence between Leonard Pour Homme and Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme (both are brilliant but Leonard lacks the consummate construction of Van Cleef). Van Cleef shares far more in common with Trussardi Uomo but Trussardi is built on a smaller frame.
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