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    Default Juicy Couture for Men?

    Has anybody heard anything about this? It is called Dirty English, and I know because I received a survey online from GQ and it featured several ads for it. I had not heard it mentioned before. Wonder when it comes out?
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    Default Re: Juicy Couture for Men?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyde65 View Post
    Wonder when it comes out?
    March 2008 is the current date

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    Default Re: Juicy Couture for Men?

    This doesn't surprise me one bit, given the massive success of the women's (isn't it now in the top 10?).

    What did surprise me is the Juicy Crittoure dog grooming line being launched before a men's fragrance. I knew that luxury dog grooming was up and coming, but that popular?
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    Default Re: Juicy Couture for Men?

    I work at GQ and received the following information from Juicy Fragrance.
    Bloomingdales has the Men's Fragrance, which is called Juicy Dirty English, in stores now and select stores (such as Neiman's, Nordstrom's, select Macy’s, etc.) will begin selling it on April 15th.

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    Default Re: Juicy Couture for Men?

    LBG, any news of it coming to England ?

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    Default Re: Juicy Couture for Men?

    there is a good thread that was started like 3 days ago on it....title is dirty english on my doorsteps or something like that....there is a good review in the thread....check it out
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    Default Re: Juicy Couture for Men?

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