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Thread: A Powdery EO?

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    Default A Powdery EO?

    I'm wondering what essential oils have a powdery note to them? I've read that oakmoss can have a powdery drydown, but I'm looking for some mid or top notes that are powdery. If not recreatable with a single essential oil, is there a blend I should consider?


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    Powdery is usually a characteristic of a base note and if you don't cloud it too much , it should shine through in the top notes. I'd start with tonka bean. Guerlain does alot ,and well, need I say more?

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: A Powdery EO?


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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    You certainly are fond of breaking other people's banks.

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    MP is right, Iris indeed, another Guerlain favorite. But the aoud......I dunno about that one. I would hate to buy agarwood oil expecting powder and have to deal with some of their openings i.e. assam , hainan ,crassna are fuuuunnnky! BTW Mike , you have exquisite tastes, very nice suggestions, they are all treasures of the perfumer's palette.

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    Turmeric EO, when diluted down, is a lovely powdery middle note. FWIW, "powdery" means different things to different people.
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    Indeed , many things are a matter of subjection, especially a fragrance note. Powder could mean gun powder or baby powder or a whole litany of other things, even curry powder. Didn't mean to throw the gaharu under the bus. I love the stuff actually.

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    Thanks for the recommendations folks. I'm looking for a soft, baby powderish note. Something like the powdery note in Prada Amber PH or alternatively the more baby powder note in Old Spice.

    I'll definitely be picking up Turmeric as it doesn't break the bank. Still considering the others. Will be looking at getting some tonka bean too. Any particular recommendations as to a specific place to get a high quality tonka absolute?


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    I have two, one from libertynatural and one from sunrose aromatics. They are both good. I could send you small samples of them if you would like. They are tinctures diluted @ 20%. Could also send you a vial of iris/orris tincture at around the same dilution. You could test them to see if these are the notes you are looking for before you buy.

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    Rose+vanilla=baby Powder
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    I'll have to try the baby powder combo!

    Some people refer to lilac as being powdery.

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    Problem is, you really can't get lilac oil. The only thing I've seen or heard of is lilac maceration.

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    There are a lot of "soft lilac" fragrance oils around and although they will be the same as the real thing, the good quality ones do come close.

    Even lilac maceration is hard to find (well, in Australia anyway).

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    Oh, sorry, I should have been more specific. I guess I'm a bit of a stickler for being 'all-natural' and hence my complaint about the lack of lilac oils.

    It's going to be costly - and a bit limiting, to remain all natural, but for me and my philosophy on all of this it's just not an option to do anything else.

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    For anyone interested, I found this little blurb from:

    "Powdery. Is an effect produced when a heavier sweet or woody note is blended with a lighter note such as citrus, fruity or light green note. Such as is obtained when mixing vanilla with lemon in a sorbet (sherbet). The powdery notes associated with Baby products are produced by mixing vanilla and balsamic notes with geranium and ylang ylang."

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    oakmoss in low dilutions creates a classical powdery note, also heliotropin is quite powdery

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    Geranium bourbon, mimosa and cassie absolutes, orris root (absolute/butter or the significantly cheaper supercritical CO2 extraction), vanilla and tonka, rosewood (though endangered and linalool, a synthetic is nearly identical and cheaper), and ylang ylang may all be perceived as having powdery aspects to them. I've also found a blend of vanilla and patchouli yield an accord that may be considered powdery. Eden botanicals is another site for the "natural perfumer" which offers $2-3 samples of all oils. Good luck experimenting!

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