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    So I bought a bottle of Joop Nightflight ages ago, and the girlfriend and I both love the smell of it. I bought it from a shop online that Ive used many times before, and every other frag I've bought from them has been legit and fine.

    The problem is, I'm finding that Nightflight only lasts 60 minutes tops on my skin, and after that it quite honestly dissapears, with a minute trace left. I've tried virtually coating myself in the stuff, but its always gone an hour (two max after 10+ sprays) later. And its not just my nose, the girlfriends noticed it too. I havent left the bottle in the sun or in the car, and I've never had other frags only last for an hour before. Even 3 sprays on my wrist, an hour later its only barely there.

    No where close to me sells this stuff, so I cant go to a shop and test it and see if it is just the bottle being dodgy. Basically my question is, anyone have any idea why this is? Ive been told it could be the chemicals in my skin, or since I've got fair hair I would have dry skin, but I've never had this with other scents (Polo blue, which I know is only supposed to last an hour or two max, lasts around 5 or 6 with me!)

    My girlfriend absolutely adores what this smells like, so Id love to be able to wear it and have it last a while.. And from what Ive heard, Nightflight is supposed to last for ages, like all the other Joops.
    Is it worth buying another bottle from a different shop and hoping for the best, or just trying to find something she likes even more?

    And does anyone have any other suggestions for scents that smell similar to Nightflight? Because I've never smelt anything similar to it.

    Any hints / suggestions are much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Joop Nightflight

    I bought it a few years ago and it smell's quite unique,so it will be probably difficult to find someting similar.Longevity is average,but the scent smells very good.Its a sleeping scent now but still available;we pay about 60,00 euro for a 125 ml. bottle.Thats quite cheap.I have a tip for you;try to get a sample of Loewe Solo;could be the solution if you like Nightflight.Just try it,extreme fresh and high quality!

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