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    Cool Wardrobe Question

    Are there generic instructions on how you create a Wardrobe? I get boxes that say they are introductions to each section of the wardrobe but don't know if that is where I'm supposed to list my fragrances. I don't think so because when I do that and save it, later on it says I have nothing listed. Is this feature only accessbile to Supporting Members? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Wardrobe Question

    Hi, anamari!

    You don't have to be a supporting member to create a wardrobe. If you look up a fragrance in the directory and click on it, there are options on the left side of the description page for adding that fragrance to your wardrobe....

    For instance:

    It will say at first: "You do not own" this perfume. Then you can choose one of the following options from the drop-down menu:
    • Add to Wardrobe (this just adds it to your pending list)
    • You own this
    • Add to wish list
    • Add to swap list
    • Willing to decant
    • You once owned this
    • You want to try this
    • You have tried this

    (As a shortcut, you can also use the other perfume links along the left side of a page to jump to another perfume you might have by the same house or perfumer.)

    Hope this helps!
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    Wink Re: Wardrobe Question

    Thank you, thank you.... So simple, yet so elusive.

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