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Thread: T&H : Grafton

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    Debating on getting this as a xmas present for myself. Read the reviews and have been looking for a high class barbershop scent. I have and like Rive Gauche but find myself not wearing it all that much anymore, i have tried Douro/Lords which i really liked but it was to overpowering for everyday use. Was wondering from people that have this what they like/dislike. Also 2 questions:

    1. Is it an everyday frag
    2. Does it have decent longevity

    Also - Is there a good online retailer for T&H. I havent been able to find any on discount.


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    It is very difficult to find T&H on discount.

    I think it is an everyday frag.

    I think it lasts quite well, though don't expect tons of sillage for hours as it is a "cologne".
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    to me it has damn good longevity. I have never seen it anywhere at a reduced price. I would consider it an everyday frag because it has that fresh, clean, but masculine scent. Its nice, but a little overpriced in my opinion.

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    Default Re: T&H : Grafton

    Check out the discounts forum here at Basenotes for a discount coupon on T&H products !

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    Default Re: T&H : Grafton

    I am a big champion of Grafton--to my nose, however, Rive Gauche is quite similar to Grafton, so you may want to get a sample of Grafton prior to buying, seeing as how you're tired of Rive Gauche.

    It can be an everyday scent (and I know folks who shave with/wear Grafton products with regularity). The cologne has staying power and will last, esp. when paired with the shaving products (I do not shave with Grafton products). I have not been disappointed with its longevity and tenacity.

    T&H online had a sale last week, but I think it may have run its course. Otherwise, you won't be able to find it at a discount.



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