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    Default Bond No. 9: Riverside Drive

    I recieved my package today. I love the box, the bottle, and the fragrance. Here are my thoughts:

    The water fruit and violet mingle well to add sparkle to the magnificent basil. The basil is prominent throughout the life of the wearing which is a positive thing. This is the finest basil note that I have come across. It is true to its form and as I noted, is disposed to sparkle and shine brilliantly. As the water fruit and violet make way, the creamy sandalwood from the base starts to take initiative and support the basil. Patchouli does not dominate the dry down as so many other fragrances do. Instead, it adds to the maturity of the sandalwood and is undetectable as a single note. The cedar woods add opulence to the virility of the basil. The lasting power is vigorous and the sillage is among the best to experience. Riverside Drive is an instant classic and not only sits at the helm of Bond but, among other great classics as well. This defines what a classic is and what others ought to be.

    I also received a sample of the new silver factory. I think it is CDG 2 Man with a touch of Ronmance silver and the whole composition is done right. So, I do feel silver factory is superior to CDG 2 Man and would be a great winter fragrance.

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    Default Re: Bond No. 9: Riverside Drive

    You'll find it to be a compliment getter too. An outstanding scent!!

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    Default Re: Bond No. 9: Riverside Drive

    One of the best drydowns out there. I am not crazy about the first 30 minutes, but it is very nice from there.

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    Default Re: Bond No. 9: Riverside Drive

    I think the pineapple can be much for some in that first thrity minuites but you are right, the drydown is incredible!

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    Default Re: Bond No. 9: Riverside Drive

    I love basil (I own Baime by MPG and it doesn't get more basil than this juice) but in RD it turned sour and synthetic on my skin. I found no love with RD.
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    Smile Re: Bond No. 9: Riverside Drive

    Bond 9 has 5 mens fragrances classified for "men only"

    Great Jones , Chez Bond, Riverside DRive, Wall street, and HOT always

    Hot always is just plain nasty ( I know thats a bit harsh, but its the truth, its a patchouli nightmare!)

    Great Jones smells EXACTLY like Paco Rabanne

    Chez Bond and Wall Street are dead ringers for GIT and MI by Creed .

    Then comes riverside drive...its cool, fresh...then warm, slightly musky and a totally masculine dry down.

    I have heard people say its kind of like allure, santos, and a few others, but its such a complex refined fragrance and its so unique. Today I went to SAKS in Beverly Hills and even the sales lady said thats her favorite Bond 9 mens fragrance.

    If you are looking for a nice masculine mens scent by bond, riverside drive is hands down the besT!

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