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    Default UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    Hi everyone!

    I've just discovered that CSR manufactures perfumer's grade alcohol! According to the website, it's very highly concentrated with a neutral odour, and has been denatured to reduce the taxation on it (making it cheaper for us!) I've contacted them to find out how much you can order and how much it would cost and am just waiting on a response.

    Any Australian perfumers in here wanting to split an order if the price is reasonable?

    eta: Minimum order is 20 litres which costs $220. As it is a flammable liquid, it cannot be posted, so Melbourne perfumers can split with me, or anyone from anywhere else as long as you're happy to find a courier willing to carry it for you

    eta2: ARGH. CSR won't sell it to you unless you have an excise licence from the Australian Tax Office - even though it's exempt! I'm not going to go through that rigamarole, so I'm just gonna stick with my 95% Spirytus. For interested parties, the CSR website is
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    Default Re: UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    Fantastic Information ladies ,, many thanks .

    JANUARY 2013 ..

    *** SPECIAL - LUI ROCHAS , 3.3oz Sealed ***

    FLACON .. Updating Soon

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    Default Re: UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    Quote Originally Posted by bottledupemotions View Post
    That's fantastic, thanks! (The price is certainly a lot nicer, too!)

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    Default Re: UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    The problem with New Directions (Australia) is that now you can only purchase their ethanol in a minimal quantity of 5 litres for the princely sum of $412.

    I just received an email from them stating "...need a special license in order to repack the ethanol. At this stage our supplier only offers it in pack sizes of 5Lt, 25Lt and 200Lt"

    My only other current option is another supplier who offers ethanol 'denatured' with Benzoin:
    I don't know how much benzoin is in it, but I'm wary of everything I create containing benzoin.

    Surely getting denatured ethanol should NOT be so difficult!

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    Default Re: UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    Unfortunately, it seems that AUS is particularly difficult with Perfumers and Alcohol.

    Why don't you write Mark Evans or Ambrosia and discuss it with them, maybe one of them has some ideas...?

    Paul Kiler
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    Default Re: UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    Well I found an online spirit merchant in Australia who sells vodka with a 95% ethanol content. I think I'll order me some...

    Thanks Paul. Who are these people, by the way (excuse my ignorance)

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    Default Re: UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    At least with vodka, you can drink it......

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    Default Re: UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    Always good to have an option in case the perfuming hobby doesn't work as planned!

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    Default Re: UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    I was recently told on a thread that 'some' alcohol enhanced the sense of smell.... I might just have to test that theory.... lol

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    Default Re: UPDATED: Perfumer's Alcohol

    Quote Originally Posted by mumsy View Post
    At least with vodka, you can drink it......
    ...and ease the stress of blending

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