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    Default Re: Diet philosophy?

    Quote Originally Posted by laph View Post
    Is popcorn bad? I thought it was ok as long as you hold the butter etc.
    Well, not really bad, but even plain popcorn w/o butter, it is just a filler. To get bulk without many calories, chew carrots, apples, celery sticks and

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    Default Re: Diet philosophy?

    I think "diets" are evil. Like credit cards and the American health care system, which makes a lot more profit from sick people than keeping people healthy, diet plans are enablers. They have a vested interest in keeping people overweight, even as they offer brief periods of weight loss. They also encourage neurotic, excessive-compulsive behavior, and eating disorders.

    To me, exercise is the key. Human beings are designed to be physically active. I avoid sugar and try to eat a lot of fresh green things. Otherwise I try to eat a variety of foods and favor "healthy" options but I avoid getting obsessive about food choice, thinking about "bad" foods, and other diet plan craziness. I have an app that tracks what I eat so I know I am reasonably balanced. Eating too much of any one thing, even a supposedly healthy thing, can be dangerous. For example, fish would be a great healthy option if it weren't for the amount of mercury it contains and who knows gets into everything else these days. So I try to use the classic epicurean philosophy: nothing to excess.

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