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    Default What scent has these two notes?

    The other day I sniffed a scented candle that was a mix of cardamom and tonka bean and loved it. Are there any scents out there that feature these two notes as their main components? I've seen quite a few scents that have tonka as one of the main players but only slight amounts of cardamom.
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    Default Re: What scent has these two notes?

    The original Diesel for Men features both prominently.

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    Default Re: What scent has these two notes?

    Masculine fragrances containing notes of: cardamom,, tonka .

    23 fragrances found (displaying 1 to 23)
    Chaleur d'Animale pour Homme Animale Parfums 2000
    Armand Basi Homme Armand Basi 2000
    Crave Calvin Klein 2002
    Chic for Men Carolina Herrera 2004
    Diesel Diesel 1996
    Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme Dolce & Gabbana 1994
    VIP for Men Giorgio Beverly Hills 1987
    Hummer Hummer 2004
    Ambro Jacomo 1996
    Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge Jacomo 2002
    Paradox for Men Green Jacomo 2003
    Le Mâle Jean Paul Gaultier 1995
    Kiton Black Kiton 2007
    Touch GrigioPerla La Perla 2000
    Masters Homme Marjane
    Présence Mont Blanc 2001
    Tabac Man Mäurer & Wirtz 2000
    Culture by Tabac: Egypt Dreams Mäurer & Wirtz 2001
    Cybersp@ce M@n Mäurer & Wirtz 2003
    Aqua Nautilus Nautilus 1998
    Monsieur Rochas Rochas 1969
    Tiffany for Men Tiffany 1989
    V/S for Men Versace 2000

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    Default Re: What scent has these two notes?

    If you go to the Directory and in "Fragrance Notes" (the big box at the bottom) you type cardamom and tonka with only one space in between, it returns 46 fragrances with both these notes.
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    Default Re: What scent has these two notes?

    Wrecker, it sounds like an interesting project for me. It does seem delicious. I'll make it for you just for the fun of it. Send me a PM with your mailing info.
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    Default Re: What scent has these two notes?

    LeMale has cardamom? I've never smelled cardamom in LM. Tonka, well yes...but cardamom is buried under the heavy blanket of sweetness

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    Default Re: What scent has these two notes?

    Armani's Code is what you are looking for.

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