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Thread: Pi edp vs. edt

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    Default Pi edp vs. edt

    can you guys give me some more insight here...i understand from reading some previous threads that its more woody and less cloying...anything else to say about the edp...good or bad reviews...i just purchased 1.0 oz of the edp from perfumebay....i like the edt, but i understand the edp is a bit smoother and at 1.0 oz i couldnt resist because i think its the perfect fragrance size i.e. just enough.

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    Default Re: Pi edp vs. edt

    I prefer EdT. Quite much so.

    EdT is more airy, sweeter, luminous, delicious, intoxicating, nuanced, yummy and "space-like" with great crystal clear vanillic smell.

    EdP is indeed woodier, it is richer and thicker, and it does last even longer than EdT... But, as it is that much more serious, it does not compare to EdT, because let`t face it, Pi is/should be a fun-filled fragrance.

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    Default Re: Pi edp vs. edt

    The best in this series is Pi fraîcheur (blue juice), IMO.
    The EDP is really too much for me!
    Ce message provient du Québec!

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